Other Engineer Units and Related Links

Other Engineer Units

Kenneth Mayhew - 343rd Engineer - 5th Army History

257th Engineer Combat Battalion - Oct 1944-May 1945 - prepared by Vincent J Bellis Jr

257th Engineer Operational Report - submitted by Rich Harris

The 631st Engineer Light Equipment Co in WWII - written by Jane Kepp with the assistance of Frank Timmer

285th Engineers

A History of the US Army Port Companies

299th Engineers

284th Engineers

295th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company

245th Engineer Combat Battalion

348th Engineers

1270th Engineer Combat Battalion

276th Combat Engineers

85th Engineer Heavy Ponton Battalion - mentions 36th and 540th

WWII 40th Combat Engineer Combat Group

150th Combat Engineer Battalion

1306th Engineer General Service Regiment

858th Engineer Aviation Battalion - first unit in China to work on Burma Road and only black bn in China Theatre

857th Engineer Aviation Battalion - sketches of the men - composed of white officers and black troops

606th Army Engineer Camouflage Battalion

697th Engineer Company (Pipeline) - mentions the 540th Combat Engineers

295th Engineer Combat Battalion

117th Combat Engineers

591st Engineer Boat Regiment/2759th Combat Engineer Bn

328th Engineer Battalion Photo Album

IX Engineer Command - Aviation Engineers

105th Engineer Combat Battalion - 30th Infantry Division

163rd Combat Engineer Battalion

82nd Combat Engineer Battalion

326th Airborne Engineer Battalion - 101st Airborne

327th Combat Engineering Battalion

1st Engineer Combat Battalion

505th Engineer Light Ponton Company

1142nd Combat Engineer Combat Group

307th Airborne Engineer Battalion

209th Engineer Combat Battalion: Building the Ledo Road

206th Engineers - Saving Private Sheridan - After Action Reports

472nd Engineer Maintenance Company

35th Engineer Combat Battalion - First on the Line

35th Engineer Combat Battalion

325th Combat Engineer

244th Engineer Combat Battalion

40th Engineer Combat Group

305th Engineer Combat Battalion Photo Album (80th Infantry Division)

Fire Fighters in Fatigues

167th Engineer Combat Battalion

1142nd Combat Engineers Memorial Website

14th Engineer Combat Battalion

313th Engineers

300th Engineers

107th Engineer Association

381st Engineer Combat Battalion

589th Engineer Battalion

15th Combat Engineers

20th Engineer Regiment

Nicholas F Duva - 280th Combat Engineer

1104th Engineer Group - D-Day to the Elbe (middle section) - thank Dennis Monsere

1104th Engineer Group - D-Day to the Elbe

554E - book printed 1946 (part one)

554E - book printed 1946 (part two)

280th Engineer Combat Battalion

51st Engineers

Engineer Related Links

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Note: The Army Corps of Engineers has completely revamped their website, therefore many of their links no longer work. I am diligently going through all their links on my site (whew) and trying to reconstruct (not fun).

Army Firefighting - added 12-16-2013

Engineering - The Victory

US Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters - updated 02-11-09

Army Corps of Engineers - Office of History - including historical vignettes - this new links includes many of the old pages

Background of Amphibious Operations - mentions 36th and 540th

The US Army Engineer Museum

Black Service Units in WWII - mentions 540th Combat Engineers

WWII Army Amphibs

US Naval Beach Battalion - added 12-04-04

Cape Calava Bridge - Sicily - August 1943 - added 03-16-05

Table of Organization - Engineer Units - added 03-16-05

Origins of Engineer Aviation Units - updated 6-13-13

76th Seabees of WWII - added 05-12-05

US 6th Naval Beach Battalion
- added 01-05-06

Engineers in North Africa

US Army in World War II - Engineers - Rich Anderson - added 04-02-06

CBI Order of Battle - Lineages and History - Corps of Engineer Units - added 08-16-06

Engineers in the Battle of the Bulge - by William C Baldwin - updated 6-13-13

2006 US Army Engineer Unit Directory - Active - National Guard - Reserve - added 10-20-06

ENGINEERING - Military Manual Photocopies available from Military/Info - added 08-19-07

Stars and Stripes - article on the 343rd Engineers - added 12-26-08

Yank Mag Dec 3, 1944 - Bridge Building - Sgt John Scott - added 12-27-08

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