Various WWII Links - updated Feb 2018


Wartime Press - United States Newspapers

Women of WWII

Celebrating the Heroic Women of the Clubmobile Service

WAC's - Women's Auxiliary Army Corps

WASPS - Women Pilots of WWII

Women's Marines Association

Women Come to the Front - journalists/ photographers/ broadcasters

The Army Nurse Corps

US Army Women's Museum

1st Lt Frankie Thelma Lewey, USANC, Ret

Nurses at Anzio

The Leaders and Commanders of WWII

The Patton Society

General George S Patton Sr

The Generals of World War II

Omar Nelson Bradley

Dwight D Eisenhower

Bernard Montgomery

Erwin Rommel

Gerd Von Rundstedt

The Churchill Centre

The Generals of WWII

WWII Generals (and more)

The Yalta Conference

Douglas MacArthur

Army Links

US Army WWII Field Manuals

US Army in WWII

Army Study Guide PDF's

WWII Infantry Structure - Hugh F Foster III, LTC, USA (Ret.)

US Army Center of Military History

History of Infantry Units WWII

Army Patches

U.S. Army War College

US Army Table of Organization & Equipment

Maps Symbols from WWII

How to Determine Army Serial Numbers

US Army in Germany - From Occupation Army to "Keepers of the Peace"

US Army Online Services - A through Z

The United States Army Band "Pershing's Own"

US Army - (DUI's) Distinctive Unit Insignias

Letters Home - V-Mail and more

Army Air Corps - Living History Group - Letters from Home - added 07-17-06

Various WWII Links


Mather Field, U.S. Army Air Force, WWII

Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library - WWII Operational Documents

Bomb Sight- Explore the London Blitz

Paratrooper Research Team

Battle Detective

Panzerkamfpwagen VI- The Legendary Tiger 1

Ahoy - Mac's Web LogNaval, Maritime, Australian History and more

WWII European, African, Middle-Eastern Theatre

Combat the TV Show - The longest running WWII series of the 60's

Stone & Stone War Diary

American Military Patches, Other Insignia & Decorations of WWII

Lone Sentry - Photos, Articles, Research on the ETO in WWII

The World at War - History of WWII 1939-1945

The Battle of Britain Historical Society

Olive Drab- Military Photo Resources

Lesser-Known Facts of World War II 

The Cigarette Camps - US Army Camps in the Le Havre Area 

Task Force Baum 

World War II in the Pacific - WWII Links

History Place Time Line - Europe WWII Timeline

On This Day - In Pictures - World War II 

Military History Online - WWII

Phil's World War II Pages 

World War II - The History Learning Site 

George C Marshall Foundation - Service, Scholarship, Education

Third Reich in Ruins

German Propaganda Archive

Olive Drab - World War II History

Color Pictures of World War II - Royalty Free

New Zealand History Online - WWII Photographs

WW2 in Color 

Axis History Factbook


Wehrmacht History 1935 to 1945

The History Place

Animals - Our Friends in War

The Dogs of War (literally!) - See how dogs were used in WWII

Pigeons in Combat - added 07-31-09

Army of Occupation

US Army in Germany 1945-1989

WWII Journalists, Illustrators, Photographers and Broadcasters
(for news broadcasts see our Music and News Broadcast Page)

Women Come to the Front

Ernie Pyle WWII Museum

Edward Roscoe Murrow

Walter Winchell

The Broadcast News

America's Frontline Soldier 1944 - Bill Mauldin

William Henry "Bill" Mauldin - Arlington National Cemetary 

Bill Mauldin - Toonpedia

Bill Mauldin's Cartoons

Bill Mauldin Cartoon Collection - 45th Infantry Division Museum

The Raymond Getz Collection of WWII Photography - added 02-23-07

Andy Rooney War Correspondent

World War Multimedia Links

History Animated 

Holocaust/Massacre and Resistance Related Links

The Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum

Anne Frank - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Oscar Schindler - His List of Life

Georgia Holocaust Commission 

The History Place - Holocaust Timeline 

Holocaust Survivors

Concentration Camps - A traveler's guide

Liberation of Buchenwald

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site

The History of Aushwitz - PBS

Dachau Trials

Sophie Scholl - The Final Days - The Movie

The Miami Holocaust Memorial

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Life in a Jar - The Irena Sendler Project

In the Name of Their Mothers - The Story of Irena Sendler

Irena Sendler - An Unsung Heroine 

Resistance, Jewish Organizations in France: 1940-1944


S.S. Arkansan

EJ's Ordnance Show and Tell Page

WWII Vehicles - USA

The Skylighters 1939-1945 - World War II Vehicles & Equipment  

Weapons - Camp Croft, SC - Army Inf Replacement Training Center

Achtung Panzer - History of tanks & people of the Panzertruppe


World War II Weapons - aircraft, infantry weapons, tanks and more 

The Liberator - Harley-Davidson WLA Motorcycle - US Army - ETO 

M1 Garand Training Film 1942

Naval Historical Center WWII 

The UK Jeep Page 


Signals Collection - '40 -'45 

WWII Aviation

ANSA - Association Normande du Souvenir Ae'rien 1939-1945 Orne-Maine

Yankee Air Museum

The Memphis Belle - B-17 Flying Fortress

RAF WWII 38 Group Squadrons Reunited

Dave's Warbirds - American Aircraft WWII

Dave's Warbirds - Naval Airwar in the Pacific - WWII 

Dave's Warbirds - PBY Catalinas 

Dave's Warbirds - Battle Damaged B-17's

Army AirForces

Wright Patterson - National Museum of the United State Air Force 

Little Friends - Fighting Scouts of the United States 8th Army Airforce

Army Air Corps - WWII 1941-1945 - Living History Group

The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders

P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association

P-51 Mustang Pilots Association

Scale Model Aircraft - WWII era

401st Bomb Group Association

Training Camp Links

Fort Custer, MI - National Guard - (this is where my dad began his training)

Camp Edwards - From Birth to Death - History of Amphibious Training Center

Camp Bradford VA - Their Stories

Fort Bragg History

Camp Croft South Carolina 

Camp Miami Beach - WWII

Camp Atterbury (my dad's separation camp in Nov '45)

Fort Jackson, South Carolina

Merchant Marine Links

American Merchant Marine at War 

The Murmansk Run

Misc Military Links

Wounded Warriors Project - For today's soldiers

The Purple Heart 

TV Shows

R Lee Ermey

War Stories with Oliver North

The History Channel

The History Net

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