Battle and Campaign Links - updated Feb 2018

North Africa

First Fire of Operation Torch - mentions the 540th Engineers

Operation Torch Sub-Task Force Goalpost
- mentions the 540th

Operation Torch: Allied Invasion of North Africa

Operation Torch: Sub-Task Force Goalpost Capture Port Lyautey 


Sicily 1943

Second Beach Battalion in Sicily, Salerno

Invasion of Sicily - Military History Online

Operation Husky - Order of Battle

Husky Operations Plan - Sicily - archived documents 

Operation Joss - Licata, Sicily - Combat Studies Institute


Anzio Assault - John Keegan

Gotica Toscana

Battle for Monte Cassino

Anzio - After the Battle - 1989 - Many thanks to Dave Wagner - 39th Combat Eng

Battle Analysis on the Rapido River Crossing

Anzio 1944 - Army Military History

Naples/Foggia - 1943-1944 - The US Army Campaigns of WWII

The Italian Campaign of World War 2

Anzio Landing

The Breakthrough - Anzio - mentions 540th and 36th

Anzio Beachhead

Rome-Arno 1944

Salerno to Florence - 5th Army Anti-Aircraft

Allied Agony at Anzio

Anzio - A Surgeon's View

Operation Shingle - CSI Battlebook - downloads a pdf file

Allied Landings in Italy

Battle of Monte Cassino


The Big Picture - Command Decision - The Invasion of Southern France - video

Invasion of Southern France - Report of the Naval Commander - Western Task Force

Invasion at Drammont - Southern France Campaign - 36th Division

Southern France - US Army Campaigns of WWII

Operation Dragoon - First Airborne Task Force

France & the Low Countries

The Hidden Ally - Arthur L. Funk

Operation Dragoon - Combat Studies Institute


Central Europe/Rhineland/Germany - (Battle of Bulge links below)

Operation Northwind

The Rhine River Crossings - mentions the 540th Combat Engineers

Ardennes/Alsace - The US Army Campaigns of WWII

The Rhineland  

Central Europe

Huertgen Forest, 1944: The Worst Place of Any

General Related Links

WWII Campaign History

A Brief History of the US Army WWII

Second World War History - Detailed Timeline

CBI Order of Battle

World War II in the Pacific 

Paul Reed's Battlefields of WW2

Battle of the Bulge - Ardennes/Alsace Offensive Links

The Ardennes: Battle of the Bulge - by Hugh M Cole

Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge

VBOB Certificate Form - Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge

World War II Federation - Battle of the Bulge

The Ardennes - Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge Memories - We do not forget


Britain at War - Experience

The Battle of Britain

Market Garden Links

Remember September 44 - Operation Market Garden

Operation Market Garden

Normandy D-Day Links

Theirs is the Glory - Stories & poems commemorating the 60th D-Day Anniversary

Back to Normandy

D-Day Normandy and Beyond...

D-Day - Etat des lieux

D-Day - 1944/2004 - a travel through historical places 

American D-Day

60th Anniversary D-Day - in French

Untold Stories of D-Day - National Geographic

ARS Website

Omaha Beach

WW2 D-Day


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