Thanks To...

Special thanks to Clifford Duncan (540th), John Fallon (36th), Ken Kleinbach (540th), Rene Rousselle (540th) and my dad's ol' army pal, Ira Wheatley (540th-deceased) for their assistance in my life long search for my dad's war history. This site would not be a reality without your assistance. God bless you all.

I would also like to thank Jerry L Gorden, Secretary/Treasurer of the 34th Infantry Division and Michael J Brodhead, Office of History Army Corps of Engineers, for their assistance in my never-ending search for information on my father and his battalion. Can't thank you both enough! An extra thank you to Michael for proof-reading and offering his suggestions on the my ever-growing history of the engineers. Your advice is deeply appreciated.

Thanks to Richard Horrell of WW 2 Connections for his great generosity. Richard has taken his personal time to send me info regarding the 540th and engineers in general, email me photos, and even temporarily lent me a hard-to-find book, so I could scan the pages until I can buy a copy of my own. I am overwhelmed by his kindness and will be forever grateful.

Very special thanks to Col Michael Morgan, editor of the wonderful publication, Army Engineer Magazine. Mike has kindly published several articles by yours truly, and given our boys another venue for some well-deserved exposure. Words are not enough to express my gratitude.

Special thanks to my husband Lee, for letting me devote so much of my time to this life-long project. I promise I won't neglect you. I'd like to also thank him for providing his superb knowledge of WWII, his proof-reading skills and discerning eye for accuracy.

Of course I would like to thank my mom Ann. Mom along with so many other women on the Home Front helped our GI's overseas by working in the Willow Run plant building those wondrous bombers, the B-24 Liberators. Salutes to all the "Rosie Riveters" out there.

More thanks on a continuing basis...

Since my list continues to grow at an exponential rate, it is no longer feasible to list each and every person who has contributed to this site. They now number in the hundreds! Wow! Sometimes simple one-syllable words say it all.

First and utmost, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all the veterans who have taken the time to share their experiences with me. I am forever grateful for your stories, and everything you've donated, including books, magazines, photos, manuals, patches, and all the items which were and are so dear to your heart. I could never even begin to express how much you have changed and enriched my life.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank all the family members who chose to honor their loved ones via this site. I am grateful for everything you've shared and treasure each and every friendship.

Special thanks to my dear and wonderful European amies for their inspiration, contributions and friendship:  Peter Heckmanns - In Honored Glory, Reg Jans (Lennon), who has joined our forum as a moderator, Frank C Everards - D-Day Normandy and Beyond,  and Stevin Oudshoorn.

Can't forget my American buddy, Denis Toomey of Dogface Soldiers.

Love and special hugs to George Koskimaki, my mentor and friend, and author of several 101st Airborne books. Your friendship means the world to me.