36th Combat Engineers - 2826th, 2827th & 2828th Bns

36th Engineer Combat Regiment
D-Day Landings

  • Algiers & Fedela North Africa
  • Licata Sicily
  • Salerno
  • Anzio Italy
  • Cavaliere Southern France

Campaigns -

Campaign Map provided by MAJ Mitchell McCann and SSG Jose Nieves, 36th Engineer Brigade Geospatial Team (8MB file).
Many thanks!

  • Algiers-Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Sicily
  • Naples-Foggia
  • Anzio
  • Rome-Arno
  • Southern France
  • Rhineland
  • Ardennes-Alsace
  • Central Europe


The unit was activated at Plattsburgh Barracks New York, 1 June 1941, with two battalions. In September 1942, a battalion from the 540th Engineer Combat Regiment was disbanded and became the 36th's 3rd battalion. The 36th continued to work as a three battalion unit throughout the war.


In February 1945, the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment was reorganized as the 36th Engineer Combat Group.  Thus the following occurred:

  • 1st Bn became the 2826th Bn
  • 2nd Bn became the 2827th Bn
  • 3rd Bn became the 2828th Bn

Outstanding Performance

The 36th Engineer Combat Regiment, Co H was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation.

Commendation - issued January 1989

Commendation - 36th Engineers - (There is a typo on this army document.  It shoud state 2828th, not 288th.) Special thanks to Cecil Addy for this record.

Letter from General Lucian Truscott - Special thanks to Ed Pittarelli for this record

Sitreps - National Archives (NARA) - College Park, Maryland

The following archived reports were kindly provided by Captain John Fallon, who acquired these and had them converted to PDF files for our site. Thanks a million!

Note: These are large PDF files, so depending on your connection speed...

Situation Reports - December 1943 through May 1944

Situation Reports - June 1944 through December 1944

Situation Reports - January 1945

Situation Reports - February 1945

Situation Reports - March 1945

Situation Reports - April 1945

Situation Reports - May 1945

Additional records discovered by Marion

Landing Craft and Bases Amphibious Force Northwest African Waters

36th and 540th in North Africa

Operation Reports Southern France - Commander Task Group 80.2

2nd and 4th Beach Bns - regarding 36th and 540th - Invasion of Sicily

Links and Documents

This I saw at Anzio - poem by Walter Miller

Letter from Fort Bragg - Walter Miller

Letter from Sgt Joseph Walter Miller, Co D to his parents - Sent May 4, 1944 from the Anzio beachhead

List of places and events for 1945 - Bill Miller (document compiled by his son Jim)

Letter to Manuel Velez from Steve regarding 36th Eng Commmendations

Letter to Manuel Velez from John Ivancik - 1986

36th Engineer Company C - Bivouacs - thanks to Sandy for providing this

A Brief History of the 36th Combat Engineers - by John T Fallon

36th Combat Engineers Are Rugged - by John T Fallon

Vivid Memories of Anthony Stefanelli - newspaper article printed June 9, 1994

History of the 36th - from the Adjutant General's Office

36th Engineer Regiment Reenactors Blog

Beachhead News - Sunday, April 15, 1945

Special thanks to Cecil Addy for the following record:

Congressional Record - Proceedings and Debates of the 79th Congress First Session

Ludendorff RR Bridge

36th Engineer Regiment - Wendell Fountain - update May 2015 - seems this link is no longer viable. Will look for another copy...

The following documents mention the 36th Engineers January 1945 - added 11-07-07

70th Infantry Div - 274th Infantry Documents

70th Infantry Div - 275th Infantry Documents

The Battle for Alsace

Many thanks to Carl Furtado for lending me the following book!

36th Engineers (Combat) - Fort Bragg 1942 - added 06-26-08

36th Engineers (Combat) - Fort Bragg 1942 - Part 2

36th's Fort Bragg Newsletter - September 20, 1942 - mentions 540th!


Received the following document from Art Cook. This is an interview with Brigadier General George W Gardes and Lt Colonel Chubbuck, conducted by Dr Shotwell.

Here is Art's letter to me

Part one

Part two

Part three


The Salerno Report - added 11-23-08

36th Engineer Re-enacting group - added 02-26-11


The 36th Engineers - post WWII

36th Engineer Battalion - Home Page for Robert "Carl" Elmore - added 07-05-09

36th Engineer Battalion Association - Vietnam - added 07-05-09

The 36th Engineer Brigade Home Page - added 04-29-07

20th Engineer Brigade Reunion - Vietnam - added 07-05-09

19th Combat Engineer Battalion - Vietnam Association - added 11-30-09

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