Other WWII Unit Links - Updated Feb 2018

Rangers/Special Forces

Col William Darby

A Photographic Chronicle of Darby's Rangers

Harold R Rinard - A Darby's Ranger

America's Elite Troops in WWII
- The Rangers

1st Special Service Force

Merrill's Marauders - 5307th Composite Unit (provisional)

Various World War II Units

Quartermasters on D-Day

WWII Unit Histories and Officers

106th Infantry Division

12th Armored Division

87th Infantry Division 

Stalwart and Strong: The Story of the 87th Infantry Division

70th Infantry Division Association

4th Armored Division

385th Bomb Group

381st Bomb Group

26th "Yankee" Infantry Division

4th Armored Division

65th Infantry Division Association

29th Infantry Division

The 28th Infantry Division - The American St Nick

The Skylighters - The 225th AAA Searchlight Battalion

30th Infantry Division

4th Beach Battalion

The 330th Infantry Regiment - 83rd Inf Div

The 97th Infantry Division

Custermen - 85th Infantry Division

88th Infantry Division in Italy

63rd Infantry Division

3rd Armored Division - Photos

30th Infantry Division - Old Hickory

5th Infantry Division

G.I. Stories -  ETOUSA published series of books

The 442nd Regimental Combat Team

99th Infantry Division Historical Society

2d Cavalry Group (Mecz) in WW II

83rd Infantry Division

87th US Infantry Division "Golden Acorn"

295th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Co

XIX Corps - General Corlett Foundation

113th Cavalry Group Mechanized - Red Horses

99th Infantry Battalion (Separate)

607th Tank Destroyer Battalion


Black American WWII Units

Info on the Buffalo Soldiers - The 92nd Division

The 761st Tank Battalion

Airborne Units of WWII

101st Airborne - WWII

Trigger Time - Mark Bando's site


Screaming Eagles Veterans Website

504th PIR - A Personal Tribute to the 504th PIR - temp technical problems..

82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum

82nd Airborne Division

17th Airborne Division

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