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If you have any questions, inquiries or info to share, please contact me by snail-mail, email or phone.

Obviously my number one goal is to collect as much info on the 36th, 39th, 540th and 1108th, but I am also interested in collecting info on other combat engineers and WWII vets. I would be proud to share your history with our readers.

If you are a VI Corps Engineer and want your history included in my book, then time IS of the essence and you should get your information to me as soon as possible.

You can send photos either by mail or by email attachments. Please send them in any of the following formats: jpeg, bmp, gif, png or tiff. Copies are always better, but I will return any originals ASAP! I will also be happy to receive any letters, stories, postcards, etc. that you would like to donate.

Due to the increasing amount of email and mail that I receive on a daily basis, it is not always possible for me to answer as quickly as I'd like. So I thank you in advance for your patience. Please understand that while I make it my goal to respond within 72 hours, it is not always humanly possible, therefore don't lose hope.  Your letters are very important to me and I look forward to each and every one.

If you are conducting research on a loved one or WWII unit, please consult our Research and Reference Page first! This prevents me from repeating information already available on our site.  Answers to questions such as, "Where do I go?", or "Who do I contact?, or "How do I go about...?", are answered in detail.   I appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Please note: VI Corps Combat Engineers does not give out any information that you share, be it your email address, or other private information. Nor do we participate in mass mailings or SPAM. If you receive anything from VI Corps without your provided consent, please know that is was SPOOFED and not sent by our site.