Tributes and Veteran's Info Links

Carl Henry - A Harvard man documents the Third Army’s liberation of Europe

Letters to the Editor - Donald Pruett - 163rd Engineer

Let Freedom Ring - documentaries reaching out to high school students from George Ciampa - WWII veteran

Go For Broke - the life stories of the Japanese American soldiers of World War II

Front Seat to War - Carl Henry - 305th Engineer

Heroes of Old Hickory - a film

Gail "Bud" Freeman -Veteran Gives a Lasting Gift - as presenting in National WWII Museum's Newsletter - Spring 2011

Gene Autry - Flight Officer

Jonna Doolittle Hoppes

David Kenyon Webster - E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne Division

A Tribute to My Dad, Warren Weidenburner
- US Army Vet CBI Theatre WWII

Albert R Panebianco's - 45th Infantry Division

A British Soldier Remembers

A Day for Remembrance - by Corrine Durdock

Bernie L Stokes - 45th Infantry Division

Collections/Re-Collections - Memories of William Yenofsky

Aviation Days - John Christian
- appears to be gone - any information is appreciated

The Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson
- includes WWII Honor Roll 

C E "Bud" Anderson

101st Airborne - Clancy Lyall & Bill Tingen 

Bob Gallagher's WWII Experiences

Jack Heyn in the South Pacific- 3rd Bomb Group

Senator Dole - Life Books - The Power & the Glory

Frank Carafa (rescued Lt Dole) - PBS Interview regarding Bob Dole

North Texas Vets /The Doolittle Raid
- dedicated to Kenneth E Reddy

Major Dick Winters - The History Net

Chuck Yeager - Biography

Edwin "Eddie" Hardin - 65th Infantry Division

Robert G Willenbaker Memorial Page
- mentions VI Corps Engineers

Uncle Arthur's Wartime (WWII) Experiences

3rd Armored Division - WWII - Soldiers' Stories

Heroes Forever

Ghost of Bataan - Sargeant Abie Abraham

Jones Family - WWII Letters

Biography of Cliff Miller - 372nd Engineer

B-26 Tailgunner

Daughters of D-Day - Finding Our Fathers

Mother of Normandy

Story of Willard O. Havemeier - Africa to Italy - 32nd Station Hospital 

Tanks for the Memories

Marshall Stelriede's Wartime Story - B-17 Navigator

Eye-Witness to History WWII 

LTC James "Maggie" Magellas - 82nd Airborne

Clarence "Clancy" Lyall - World War II and Korean Veteran - E/506th 

Faces Beyond the Graves 

Bob Searle Sr - Photo Gallery - US Army 56th Signal Battalion

Edward Torossian - B-24 Bomber Pilot

Senator Dan Inouye - The Day Everything Changed

Senator Dan Inouye - Medal of Honor

Audie Murphy Memorial Website


General Veteran's Tributes

Fields of Honor Database

Adopted Graves -

Stories Beyond the Graves

Illinois WWII Classroom Project


America Celebrates the Greatest Generation

Veterans History Project

World War II Veterans

World War II Remembered - Timelines, Interviews...

Memories of War

HBO's - Band of Brothers

Dad's War

Branson Veterans - Veterans Services

Veteran Search - "We make grown men cry"

The Retired Enlisted Association

The Italian Campaign - Life at the frontlines as told by veterans

British War Memorial Project

Tankbooks - WWII Oral histories

Kilroy was here - Remembering the War Years

The Greatest Generation Memorial Exhibit

Battlefields of WWII

The World War II Memories Project 

Liberation Museum of Bart and Teun Oostvogels 

Moselle River - 1944-2004 - (in French)

Preston Schools - Freedom is not Free

Combat Stories of WWII

Heroes at Margraten

World War II Lecture Institute

Memories of British Soldiers WWII

World War II Heroes

60th Anniversary - Diekirch

RSL - Returned Serviceman League (Australia)

War Letters

Thank You Canada and Allied Forces

WWII Combat Medic

I Remember - Dedicated to the soldiers of the Russian Front

...And Some Gave All

Honoring Massachusetts Veterans

World War II Online 

Iwo Jima

Let Freedom Ring

American D-Day

Detroit Our Greatest Generation - a documentary salute

Stand Where They Fought

Letters to Home - Military Letters Written During the War

2009 - D-Day + 65

U.S. Wereth Memorial

Website for F.B.I - The Forgotten Bastards of Iceland 


WW2 Awards

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