My Published Articles and More

These were written by 'yours truly' and published in the following WWII magazines

540th Engineer Combat Reg - WWII Magazine - September 2006

That brief history was also featured in Army Engineer Magazine

World War II Amphibious Landings - 540th Engineer Combat Regiment - Army Engineer Magazine - Nov/Dec 2006

This article featured part of my intro to "No Bridge Too Far"

Inseperable Bonds of Engineer Service - Col Mike Morgan - Army Engineer Magazine - 2007

Read the entire intro - A Box of Chocolates - revised 12-3-2014

My latest article...

No Bridge Too Far - The making of a new documentary - Army Engineer Mag - May/June 2008

Special thanks to Mike, for the honor of being featured in your editorial

Col Mike Morgan's Editoral - Army Engineer Magazine - May/June 2008


Radio Inteviews

My Radio Interview with Ken Paynter - August 28, 2008

Mary Beth Wells Hour - October 17, 2011

Military Author Radio - June 10, 2012

Military Author Radio - June 19, 2012


Honorable Mentions and Awards...

The following is a excerpt from George Koskimaki's column in the latest issue of the 101st Airborne's Newsletter (Spring 2012). George (101st Airborne Signal Corps WWII) arranged to show Part One of my documentary, No Bridge Too Far, during their Michigan Chapter Luncheon in March and April. At the end of the April meeting, I was also presented with an award. What an honor!