May 11, 2017

Hello everyone. Please note that my webserver crashed almost two weeks ago, taking down ALL my websites, including

I had to purchase a new server, which arrived Monday evening. Since then it was a long process to start from scratch, installing all the necessary software and configuring the hardware. As of last night, nine of my websites are up and running, once again. While everyone knows that VI Corps is my "baby" and extremely important to me, I also have an obligation to my paying clients, including two local government sites. Therefore, their projects are getting my attention, first!

The forum is back, as of this afternoon, after some trials and tribulations. So enjoy. This SITE, the MAIN site, will take a while, for there are literally thousands of files which need to be uploaded. Please check back and the end of the week. I'll keep ya posted!

Please do me a huge favor and help me spread the news, as many feared that the sites were down forever!

Thank you for your patience during this time. I look forward to talking with everyone again, in the very near future!

Warmly, Marion - Proud Daughter of Walter "Monday" Poniedzialek