Will Tully - 48th Engineer Combat Regiment

I have been in contact with a gentleman named Sal Cataldo, who is the nephew of Anthony Nigro, a member of the 48th Engineer Regiment. He recently ran across letters mailed to his uncle from Will Tully, who reminisces about his memories during the war - priceless. Sal, thank you for taking the time to send me a copy. I'm so pleased to share these with our readers.

But before I do, I would like to place a copy of Sal's email to me, years ago, for it will shed some light. Please note, Sal's uncle passed away March 28, 2009. Rest in peace, Anthony.



I am writing you to ask a special favor. I am the nephew of Anthony Nigro.

He was with the 48th and served with commanding officer Al Kincer during his tour of duty 1941/ 43. He also filled in as his driver when Rex couldn't make it. My uncle last saw Commander Kincer and his wife many years ago when they came up to New York to attend my Uncle Tony's nephews wedding.

He never talks about his time over there, but the other day i was jumping around on the computer and came across some information about his old outfit and Al Kincer. He kind of lumped up and couldn't stop talking about his old outfit and commander Kincer. I am 73 years old and see him all the time and never heard him talk so much about his tour in the service.

My uncle is not doing to well these days and i was wondering if you could get in touch with his old company commander or any of his old buddys to drop him a line or maybe even call him. Anything, anything that you can do to cheer him up will be more then appreciated. On top of all that he has gone thru, he now has Parkinsons and i love him too much not to try and make him smile again before he leaves us.

Thank You and God Bless
Sal Cataldo 101st abn 506th Regiment

Letters from Will Tully to Anthony Nigro

Peoria, Ill - time period - 1990's