Stanley Dziuban - 39th Engineer Combat Regiment

The Colonel saw a copy of my letter to Paul Knudsen, another member of the 39th Combat Engineers, and sent me an introductory email. He stated that he was 91 years of age and still going strong. God bless you sir!

Stanley commanded 1st Bn from his arrival in North Africa in Jan 43 until 1 Jan 44, after which he commanded 2nd Bn until Apr 44. It was then that he left the beaches of Anzio to attend a 5-month Army-Navy Staff College in US.

He has certainly increased my knowledge of the 39th and I'm happy to note that I've also been able to put him in contact with other members of this unit and their family members. A real win-win scenario for everyone involved.


I am including two articles written by the Colonel, that he kindly mailed to me. One was published in 1944, the other in 1962.

The Engineer Combat Battalion in the Infantry Role
- by Stanley W. Dziuban, Lieutenant Colonel, Corps of Engineers

(My apologies for some cut-off text in the above article. I will try to acquire a better copy in the future.)

When Engineers Fight as Infantry - The amphibious assault on Gela by a Ranger-Engineer force - by Col. Stanley W. Dziuban

I have included two letters that the Colonel sent to Bill Hamiter and his wife regarding Lester O'Neal - 39th Combat Engineer.