A few months ago I received a wonderful phone call from Frank Timmer, a very friendly and warm WWII veteran, and we began corresponding via email and phone. Frank then inquired if I would be interesting in all the things he had acquired over the years pertaining to the 631st, including his personal photographs. Of course! I was thrilled.

After talking with Frank a couple of times, I discovered he was very good friends with Gene Fiducia (another member of the unit), and I informed him that I had created a page for his buddy, back in 2004, when this site was in its infancy. Ah, that is why the name rang a bell, for Gene had many pics of Frank on his page. Now we came full-circle.

So it is with great pleasure that I share the following with you. Thank you Frank!

December 2013

This letter was included in the package he mailed to me.

Hi Marion

Enclosed is all I have about the 631st. The after action reports I got in 1998 when I was going to correlate everything and put it in binders. As you can see, I failed to get anywhere with it. Just can't seem to get organized.

I was going to scan the pictures into my computer but could not get the scanner to work. Hope you can make sense of what I sent.

I made a copy of Gene's CD. In the after action reports, the highlighted items are where we camped.

Hope this will be of some help to you. Any questions, drop me an Email. Good luck with the documentaries.


January 16, 2014

Early this morning before I began scanning Frank's documents, I grabbed the edition of Stars and Stripes, he had included in the package. The following is a copy of the email I sent to him, which I placed on our forum. Thanks for the inspiration.

Letter to Frank

Frank Timmer's Photo Gallery


I scanned all the documents and placed them here, including sheets of scanned photos with text, which he provided. All files are PDF's. Some are quite large, so please be patient while they download. Thank you.

631st Engineer Light Equipment Co - 24 Mar to 30 Sept 1944

631st Engineer Light Equipment Co - Oct to Dec 1944

631st Engineer Light Equipment Co - Jan to April 1945

Various General Orders and Commendations - 631st

631st Engineers Training and Bivouac Areas

631st Engineers List of Names - partial

Bailey Bridge at Bad Godesburg Germany


Matson Wireless

Frank Timmer - 631st Engineer - various images he had scanned

The Hodges Bridge - 1110 Engineer Combat Group - Across the Rhine - booklet from Frank's collection