Must be "540th week" for this is the second set of memoirs I've received from sons, within the past few days. Yeah!

Hi -

I've been enjoying your website detailing lots of information about the 2833rd Engineer Combat Battalion. My Dad, Earl Ruzin, was in the 2833rd, Company "A", and passed away a year ago last January just three days short of his 94th birthday. Dad didn't talk much about his service but, like pretty much everyone else involved I suppose, had nightmares for the rest of his life.

He separated from the service in August of 1945 as a Tec 5, and was a half track driver. His battles and campaigns were Rhineland Central Europe, Algeria-French Morocco, Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, and Southern France. He spent a little over a year in "continental service" and 2 years 9 months in foreign service.

I have a couple of scans and a couple of photographs I found in Dad's stuff that I'm going to send along (there are a couple of names on the back of the photos that may mean something to you. My Dad is on the left in the first two, on the right in the third one) - use them if you can or not - and again, I appreciate the work you've done putting this all together.

Sincerely, Tim Ruzin

Marion's note - In February 1945 the Army restructured, however the men still referred and preferred to call themselves by their orginal designations - either the 1st or 2nd Battalion.

540th's 1st Battalion - Co's A, B and C became the 2832nd
540th's 2nd Battalion - Co's D, E and F became the 2833rd

Here are a couple of documents that Tim procured:

540th Commendation April 45,1945

Company D overseas bivouac areas

Class B Pass

Class C Pass

I placed his photos on the photo gallery