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Jim, All,


I finally got my Garand!! Well.... my parents have it.. I had to have it shipped to them as you cant own a war weapon in Europe that isnt demilled.


Check the picture.


Also I bought a demilled M1 Carbine from a Belgian friend while I was at a re-enactment for the 2nd and 3rd Armored in Belgium.




Beautiful rifle Kyle! :drinkin: Imagine if that weapon could talk....



:woof: Jim

Very cool. Bet you wish you could get your hands on it and have it in Germany with you. At least you know she's waiting at home in the states! Congrats on a great purchase! :pdt20:

I wish I could have known who owned it 60 years ago. It was part of the US lend lease act and shipped to Greece and used there.


It traveled a long way. Then sent back to the US Armory and put into a crate for who knows how long until I bought it.


My dad says its in awesome shape. It also still as all the original parts. It came with a certificate of authenticity from the Springfield Armory.


I wont get to hold it for 2 more years. Thats when I rotate back from Germany.



Parnell, I hope the new Garand doesn't send you a "Dear John" and come over to my house :wub:

Just kidding. Did you get it from the Springfield Armory? I didn't realize they sold them. I got my a few months back from the CMP. It is pretty nice. It's a rack grade and the muzzle swallows a bullet, but it is still pretty accurate.

Gotta love that "POW" x 8 and, "PING!"

Parnell, I hope the new Garand doesn't send you a "Dear John" and come over to my house  :wub:

No chance! Its under lock and key. :D


I too got mine from CMP but they get them straight from the armory.


Mine is a service grade. Wont be able to shoot it for two years :angry:


Im in Germany and they dont allow any type of war weapons.



Kyle: Nice M-1 rifle. Now, while available from CMP get yourself at least a case (4 cans) of M-1 rifle ammo while still available. It is U.S.G.I. non corrosive ammo.. Comes in .30 cal M.G. cans and boxed 20 rds. per box.

I will be oredering some of the afore mentioned ammo. It is supposed to be good stuff. And the price is really good.

I saw the Road to Rome pics on another thread but had to post mine under collectibles. Dad gave me his copy many years ago and told me to do what I can to preserve it

The Compass is marked US Engineer Corps. I think it was WW1 vintage and was swiss made. This compass was liberated from a German soldier and given to me by my dad.

The Colt .45 is mine and I couldn' t resist showing it off with the stag grips.


36th Engineers are Rugged


I saw a copy of that Road to Rome book in an auction recently, along with the veteran's uniform & many other artifacts. I bid on it, but was low man on the totem-pole when the smoke cleared :lol: .



Jim :woof:

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