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Ask and you shall receive!


Lee & Cady were grocery wholesalers. Mr. Lee first. His 1908 bio reads "LEE, Gilbert W., wholesale grocer; born, Romeo, Mich., Mar. 30, 1861; son of Nathan and Amelia (Peck) Lee; educated in public and high schools of Romeo; married at Detroit, 1885, Sara Hammond (now deceased); again, Detroit, 1896, Harriet Norton. Came to Detroit, 1879; began active career as clerk in employ of George C. Wetherbee & Co., continuing until 1885; entered wholesale grocery business, 1885, by buying out D.D. Mallory Co., the title becoming The D.D. Mallory Co., and so continued until 1892, when it was changed to Lee & Cady, succeeded, March, 1907, by Lee, Cady & Smart, of which is president"


CADY, David D., wholesale grocer; born, Plymouth, Mich., Jan. 20, 1847; son of David and Lomira Cady; educated in public schools of Ypsilanti and Detroit; married at Detroit, 1868, Elizabeth H. Brewster. Has been a resident of Detroit since 1862; began in grocery business in Detroit, 1871; member firm of W.J. Gould & Co., 1887-92; identified with present company since 1892, first as Lee & Cady and since March, 1907, as Lee, Cady & Smart, of which is vice president . . . Member Masonic order (32), Knights Templar, Shrine. Clubs: Detroit, Country, Old Club. Recreations: Fishing, Automobiling. Office: Cor. Larned and Cass Av. Residence: 57 Watson St.

I thought of these people today as I am watching a program on the History channel about Free Mason's...


One other interesting & unrelated item today: Somebody on ebay is selling a pair of spectacles that belonged to 'Smiling Albert' Kesselring. :D the price? $395.00. Included with the glasses and case are his actual eyeglass prescription, which are alleged to have been obtained while he was on trial in 1947. I'll pass on this one. ;)

Speaking of Kesselring, I don't think I ever told the group I served with his Great-Grand-Nephew! Yep, 1stLt Kesselring, USMC right there in Golf Battery, 2/10. He didn't have any cool stories or heirlooms, however.

Kesselring huh? Wow, now that's something!

I wish Steve was still posting as I have a question. Maybe there is somebody here who also collects that will be able to answer this. I have been looking at a brown tunic and jodpurs (breeches)that the Seller is calling WWI, but the collar is not the Nehru type stand up collar that you expect to see on WWI tunics. It is just a regular fold down like you see on WWII and later uniforms. I am thinking this has to be a post WWI, pre-WWII correct?




ps- I almost forgot to mention; The gold buttons are stamped "essayons" :pdt34:

Just click on his link and send him a private PM. He is still around. In fact just chatted with him the other day.

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