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Nice Tunic, Jim.

Yours appears a little stained like my Italian tunic. I'm too scared to wash it.


Q: Are all 10 buttons plastic? Any metal ones??



Hi Steve,

All the buttons are plastic. I too am reluctant to wash any of that good 1943 soil off my tunics and caps! :lol:


Jim :woof:


ps- I was bidding on a nice 2nd Lt.s greatcoat today that had all wooden buttons, but got bid sharked at the last second. Here's another pic:


All the buttons are plastic.

I thought so. Mine tunic has 4 plastic buttons down the front but all the others are metal and the paint has been worn off. I didn't see any shine to your buttons.

Thanks for the info---just another thing to know when inspecting old Italian tunics.


motorised transport unit of the Italian army.



As a late Christmas present, I bought a DVD of "El Alamein; the Line of Fire", which is an Italian movie made in 2003. This is not a big epic movie with big battle scenes but it is very accurate with the uniform details.

In one scene a couple of trucks drive into camp and the driver gets out and he is wearing the desert shirt with this same mostrine, i.e. collar insignia, as on your tunic.


You need to get that movie. I've already checked my B.B. and our other rental store, Hollywood, and neither had it for rent. I got to get me an Italian pith helmet. The opening scene was a Bersagliere riding a motorcycle wearing a pith helmet with his feathers flying.



Quoting Jim from way back at Page 1 or 2.

I have three German pistols that I have collected over the years that might be interesting to see, ......

The one on the right bottom is a Walther PP, that was manufactored in about 1938.


I just have to show off my Walther PP, a Vet bring-back. My Dad brought home a German P08 Luger, a Walther PP(civilian) and a M-40 Police Helmet.



Walther PP is in 9mm with a Clip Release on the bottom rear of the grip, similar to a P-38, and a clip extension for a finger rest. The way I understand it is that PP is a civilian purchase--it has the WALTHER name in a scroll. Many of these guns were bought through private purchase for use by officers and police.

The background is a fake German uniform grey with the vintage Rank Insignia collar tabs and epaulets of an NCO in rural military Police. Also includes the aluminum Belt Buckle and visor Cap Eagle worn on uniforms of Military Police.

I didn't really collect all of this but my buddy knew I was interested in the military police background of my Dad's German helmet so he gave these items to me. I have the items displayed in my office but without the pistol.



Very nice ,Steve. Good picture. I was wondering how you get away with displaying your collection in your office in the age of political correctness.I am guessing you have alot of the 85th stuff nearby.


This reminded me of when I was in 4th grade and we were studying WW2.I brought my Dad's captured Nazi flag for show and tell, and the teacher hung it up on the back wall for several weeks. C an you imagine entering a class roomand seeing that on the wall? Things have changed.



Yeah, that is a sensitive subject. I have SO MUCH stuff in my office, people go agag just looking around. Actually, the swastika in this display does not stand out as bright as it does with this Flash Photo. You have to have good light on the aluminum buckle to see it.


I took a grouping of German militaria to school once for display that included some of the items my brother had collected. My Dad brought back a Nazi banner but I don't know if I displayed that or not.


But I do remember in 11th Grade History, we had to prepare a talk on some history subject. I obtained permission from my teacher to give a talk on the Lugar pistol and I took my Father's Lugar as a prop. Really. I did. The Teacher kept it in her possession all day but I took it to and from school---hmm, I guess I drove the car that day.



We have problems in my office time to time with things disappearing. I don't display anything of much value in my office. However, I would be terribly upset if my miner's lighs and old coal bucke came up missing.



Perhaps it just looks like junk to everyone else.







Couldn't help but notice the similarity to one pistol I brought home after liberating it from an SS guy. See Sauer and Sohn name and caliber on slide


Foolishly I sold my P-38 to a legal gun dealer/collector who was in my son's unit in the MNG.






Sgtleo :pdt:

Custerman: Is it a 9mmK Kurz (.380) or a regular 9 mm Luger chamber??

Sgt. Leo: Looks like a 7.65 (.32 auto) made by Sauer and Sohn. Both are nice collectable peices . I sent home quite a few rifles and rifle actions as it was quite easy

if one stuck to the Regs. No U.S. weapons and no full autos. Kicking my butt to this day

for not sending home a bunch more.



Right on the money Joe it is a Sauer and Sohn 7.65m (.32 cal.)Automatic.


It is actually an 8 shot, since you can put a round in the chamber, put it on safety and the magazine holds 7 more rounds. I have found it to be easy to handle (handle is heavy when magazine is full-sits back nice) and accurate as H**L. Not really a big kick-back like the old .45s had


I also have the holster that has a pouch for another magazine on the side. The name etc of the guy I took it from can still be read on the inside of the holster flap.



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