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A couple of items that dad had. On left is a german wounds badge, center is a german lighter, left is ( i think) an american lighter.





This fighting knife wasnt dad`s, it was given to him after the war by a guy from his unit who was also from Danbury, CT.



This is one of my favorites, a Japanese officer's tropical tunic that has seen some combat. Notice the shadows left from where the rank badges and shoulder straps were removed. You can see that the hot tropical sunshine has bleached the rest of the tunic. Over the left chest is what appears to be the threads from a string of medals. It's still quite easy to buy a 'dead stock' Japanese tunic in mint condition because it never left the clothing factory, which is why I like this one so much. It has that been there look.



Dogdaddy :woof:




Another very fine addition to your collection! This must be a very special prize, since most of your collectables are American and/or German.

Hello M,

Actually I don't have any more German items except for a poster that I want to sell, and will probably consign with a dealer. I started looking at Japanese stuff lately because it can still be found and also because I think the value will take a big jump after the Hanks/Spielberg mini-series The Pacific is released. The only items I have collected that have a sentimental attachment are those from the USA. BTW...that mannequin I use for picture taking has served in the armies of all Axis powers briefly before trading in his duds for (1) US Army in ETO (2) USMC in Pacific, and finally (3) US Navy (both theaters). :rolleyes:


Happy Collecting!

Dogdaddy :woof:


ps- A neat poster from "The Great War"



I have never seen that one before.

Here is one that a few of us wouldlove to get our hands on. It's in our local Veterans museum. There is actually 2 mess kits with th the Engineer' Castle. This is the more elaborate of the two.


You are right about that one. She's a beauty! Oh my heart be still. :heartpump:

I knew that one would make your heart go pitter- patter, Marion.

I was at the Wyoming Veteran museum this afternoon and took alot of pictures of the Wall muralsand will put together something later this weekend


Here are two items that I picked up that are more recent history but interesting.


This is an overseas cap worn by the Polar Bear Association of veterans of the 339th Infantry Regiment, 85th Infantry Division. The cap probably first appeared at their reunion in 1962.



The second item is a pin that was attached to the hat on the opposite side. It is a copy of the DUI of the 339th Infantry Regiment but a nice quality piece. The enamel color should be royal blue and not so purple.



Speaking of this unit, I just finished reading a book on them; "FIghting the Bolsheviks". This was the memoirs of PFC Donald Carey who served with the 339th Regiment from 1918 to 1919 on the North Russian Expedition. This book has details of the soldier's life during WW1 and it is interesting to hear how they survived in Russia during the winter months. This soldier joined the army and within 2 months he had completed training and shipment to England. He returned back to Detroit within 1 week of the day he left home to join the Army. Amazing.



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