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Great news about Bailey. Am delighted to hear that she is up and chasing small creatures! :woof:

That's a great ebay find. Anything with Ernie.


Do you have any good ideas on how to display things like that ? I believe they should be hung on the wallbut it would be nice to have it insomething that would open for access occassionaly. Maybey a coffee table with a glass overlay? Any suggestions?


Also , I'm glad to hear that Bailey is better! :clappin:


I'm afraid I'm not very creative about how I display things like this. Generally I just try to frame them in an older type picture frame and put it up on the wall. I get most of my frames from yard sales and second hand stores. That way you save a few bucks too!


:woof: DD

Dog daddy,

I am sort of the same way. A buddy of mine does alot of cabinetry ect and suggested something with a piano hinge one side. It's probley something I'll never get around to.


To add to that magazine of Ernie's I just received an original copy of his book: Ernie Pyle....this is your war, copyrighted in 1943, published in 1945. I haven't read it yet so I didn't post this in the Books,Magazines category. From the same seller I also got another 1rst edition copy of Up Frontby Bill Mauldin. This was very timely as I had just given my other copy of Bill's book to my childhood best friend for his 55th birthday on May 10th! As kids we played Army nearly every day, using pinecones or dirt clods as hand grenades. :lol: Back in the 50's it was still "okay" to let your kids play with military toys and our WWII fathers were our heroes back then, not some Rap star....better stop here! :lol:




These items came from the "Ebay Seller's Hall of Shame" like the item Brooke told us about recently. The ad read: These item once belonged to my Grandma, Then My Mom, then Me. Now you can be the owner!" Once again, a family member :zelda: that sold their handed down items for a few bucks ($22 in this case) to a stranger rather than honoring the fact that they had been important enough to her grandmother and Mother to keep them for 60 years. I will never understand this, but I am happy to have them and will find a frame for both.

I will submit pictures later today. I thought I already had them downloaded from the ad but I haven't. They are two booklets from the US War Dept. One is a German language book for GI's in the ETO...The other was titled "Our Red Army Ally", which I wanted because I have a friend (Max) in Ukraine who's Grandpa served as an artillarist in the Red Army and was captured and sent to Mauthausen.



Dogdaddy :woof:

post-150-1179453586_thumb.jpg we go... ;)


Good stuff, Jim.


I can't imagine ever needing $22 so bad that I'd sell off my grandpa, I mean my grandpa's stuff.


Some people just don't ge it. :pdt33:



I'll second that. Can't imagine selling off my dad's things, or our great uncle's things from WWI. Oh well, if they don't appreciate it, it will go to someone who will. I just don't get it either, but... :armata_PDT_23:

I received both booklets today in the mail, and they are very nice items which once belonged to a Veteran of the ETO. One booklet telling you basic phrases in German for the enemy, the other tells you how to speak to the Red Army soldier (friend) in 1943. It also has color illustrations of Russian uniforms & equipment for identification. It's a shame things went the way they did for the next 45 years, really and I think about that whenever I watch film of the historic "Meeting on the Elbe" in 1945. Soldier to Soldier...not much difference until politics took center stage and Stalin showed the world that he wasn't much different than Hitler.





Wow what a wonderfull items! I really enjoyed seeing all those fantastic items with a history!


Here are a couple of the original photographs i have in my Collection. I collect everything related to the 101st Airborne Division and offcourse Eindhoven/Son/Best related items! It isn't easy but it's really exciting to find such wonderfull items.


2 of them are Aerial Photographs of the Son DZ taken on 17 September 1944! I got 8 of them and i am very proud to own these historical photographs.


The other photo is the plate that was put at the Temporary Cemetary in Son which was there from 1944 till 1948, then 60% of the buried GI's was flown back to the United States and were reburied there, the rest was buried at 'Margraten'




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