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I'm afraid I don't know much about Dunkirk beyond what I've seen in documentary films, but I saw that map at a German auction house for a decent price and grabbed it. I thought for sure one of the British members would be interested in it. That map was made in 1937, before the evacuation and/or the Atlantic Wall. When held up to the light there are dozens of tiny holes from a plotting instrument being used. It is now in a large frame hanging on my own wall ;)



Oh, speaking of the lack of good maps early in the war, I read a story about the British rapid advance across North Africa early in 1940---before the Germans arrived. Their recon in force turned out to be a route for the Italians. The British command didn't know where their units were. One field officer contacted HQ and reported that "We are at the 2nd "B" in Budk Budk" (or whatever the name of the town was).



I have this old Atlas from 1944? It includes a chronology of Ww2 and the military movements.


Being a surveyor, I have an interest in old maps and map making



I have three German pistols that I have collected over the years that might be interesting to see, and share how I managed to get them. The Top is a 1916 Mauser Broomhandle that was brought back from WW II. The Vet had given this and a 1937 Luger to his son. The son, who was married, had a problem and offered me the Broomhandle for cash so he could get out of town due to an impending divorce, about 20 years ago. I'm still waiting for the Luger to show up???

The one on the left bottom is a AC 41 P-38, brought back by a Vet who had received a bad head wound in WW II. Because his wound affected him long after the war he had to attend the V.A. hospital on a regular bases. Most of the time he went to the hospital alone. On one occasion he didn't have the money to get home after his visit, and no one seemed to care. In 1973 I met him by accident, offered to help and was offered the pistol in exchange for helping get him home. I believe I gave him $180.00 for it.

The one on the right bottom is a Walther PP, that was manufactored in about 1938. Another Vet piece that fell into the hands of a relative who perferred cash. Same goes for the flag they lay on.

But the best piece is my newest, which is the captured flag from the 334th 84th 1st Platoon Anti-Tank I have posted on this site in the Anything WW II.

I would like to thank and salute all veterans on this Memorial Day. May God Bless those who have fought, served, worked for, or assisted in any way to make our country great.


Very nice display six-gun! :drinkin: I love that 'Broomhandle' Mauser!



The one on the right bottom is a Walther PP

Civilian or Military?

My Dad brought home a PP in 9mm(.380-inch caliber) that has civilian markings and a clip release on the bottom of the grip---an attempt to match the P-38 operation. Nice shooting piece; I see what James Bond preferred it.





The PP pistol is a Nitro Proofed civilian pistol in 32 cal. or 7.65 mm. I checked the serial number in a Walther PP PPk collectors book to find the manufactor date.

I have also taken the pistol to one of the largest gun shows around and had it looked at by German pistol collectors. They were kind enough to show me the holster wear around the muzzle and other high parts of the gun to indicate it may have been carried.


My cousin once owned a .32 cal PP. He said for a Defensive weapon, the .32 was not much better than a .22 cal. (Of course this comes from a guy who religiously shot a .45 M1911).

I love shooting the PP. Even as small as it is, it still has a nice feel and handles fine. My Dad also brought back a Luger and I once owned a cheaply made WW2 Walter P-38; the best shooter of the 3 was the PP.

You can slip in into you back pocket and no one would think you had a pistol.



I think the Walther book I looked at, stated that PP actually stands for Pocket Pistol. Later the whole pistol was down sized and called the PPK or Pocket Pistol Criminal. I believe that's what it said.

I like the 1911's, Colt's, Lugers, CZ's, Browning HP, Mauser's, Sauer's, or what ever they used in WW II. I just wish the pistols, flags, helmets, or what ever from that period could talk and tell us what they have saw or where they'd been.

I'd like to thank everybody for their comments, and enjoy showing and sharing the items I have.

the PPK or Pocket Pistol Criminal.

I always thought PP stood for Police Pistol (in German, of course). That would seem to be contradictory to say Police Pistol Criminal.




Trivia... we got the name "pistol" from the Italian town of Pistole. Sure 'nuff.

And also the chemical name and symbol(Pb) for Lead comes from another Italian town of Piombino, located on West Coast, just south of Pisa.




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