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Where is a good place to shop for a K-98 rifle? I don't care if it's working or not...I just want one for my display mannequin.



After all we have to keep MR MANNEQUIN VERY, VERY HAPPY!!!! :pdt12:

Mannequins are great for display, they don't borrow money, and if you have two or more, you can play cards or use'em as riders so you can get in the fast car pool lane in the morning rush hour. That's what the guy in Virginia did until he got caught.

As for finding a K-98,......... sometimes you can find one at a local gun show. Check out gun show listings on the internet, to find one close to where you live. "Wannamaker Gun Shows" usually have a large following of gun traders depending on the area you live in.

Check out Shot Gun News paper at your local news stand, it could be helpful. Sometimes "Manion's International Auction House" on the Internet has one or two for sell.

You might turn Mr. Mannequin into Ramboquin!!!!!!!

Dogdaddy, I think your right about the meaning of PP, Police Pistol, and PPK, Police Pistol Criminal. I couldn't remember how it went. It's been about 25 years since I looked at that book. I'm not that good with names either.

Polish Badges

The Polish insignia was very unique and colorful. They wore colorful enamel pins on their collars to denote their unit or branch of service. Most were in the shape of a pennant or "swallow tails". They also wore a unit badge on the front of their coat pocket.

These badges are quite rare. There are some good museum qualities out there and I find it difficult to distinguish between the two.

Here are some badges worn by Polish II Corps troops in WW2. These examples are not the colorful ones. The badges for the smaller units, such as brigades, regiments, cavalry, etc., had badges made of muliple pieces and some were colored enamel.




II Corps


Symbol of the II Corps was the Mermaid holding a shield and sword.

They also wore a red/white patch on the sleeve with the mermaid figure.


3rd Carparthian Infantry Division


Shown attached to coat pocket.

The cedar tree was the symbol of the 3rd Infantry Division.

Just sent off to the Civilian Marksmanship Program for a M1 Garand. It will cost me $500 but it will be worth it. I also will have a Belgian friend pick me up a M1 Carbine.


I will use these for WWII re-enacting. I wont be able to get the Garand over in Germany as they dont allow funtional war weapons over here. THe Carbine is de-miled si I will be able to carry it over here.


Will post pictures when I get it in hand



Yeah! You betcha we want photos. Happy for ya! :pdt40:

Where did you find one for $500??? :o



:woof: Daddy

Thank You Kyle! :pdt34:



Jim :woof:

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