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I've slowly grown an interest in Italian uniforms due to my study of the Italian Campaign. I knew almost nothing about their uniforms just a few years ago. When the previews of "Captain Correlli's Mandolin" first came out, I laughed at the uniform----out of ignorance. I thought the large yellow flaming bomb emblem on his hat was for cavalry--Wrong.

Since then I've gotten several reference books on the Italian soldiers---both Fascist and as American allies. A good place to start is the Osprey Men-at-Arms booklet 3-part series on "The Italian Army 1940-1945". If you ever need any info on their uniforms or such, just let me know.


Note: the color distortion in the first image when compared to the close-up of the caps. In the movie "Captain Correlli's Mandolin", most of the time Nicholas Cage wears a combat shirt but in the scene at the town dance, he is wearing this Model 1940 tunic. But the color is not just right. They must have developed the film with extra Blue and this same tunic looks totally different color.


I have one more Italian hat that I will show. But I have to go home and edit a photo so I can upload it. If you like military hats, the Italian Army had a wide variety used throughtout their history. In WW1, they wore the kepi that was very similiar to a French or maybe an Austrian. They also had a French helmet (aka Adrian) that was made slightly different from the French version. In WW2 they wore desert pith helmets, fez, berets pulled down in back and a soft cap resembling a night-cap. Quite a mixture. Of course, many are rare items, now.



Ah my Italian relatives. Quite a creative bunch! :lol:


Thanks for the very interesting post. Hey, how often do you speak at the school, etc.? That's very cool. Keep up the great work. The world is counting on you. :pdt34:

That's your Grandpa's? Very Cool....My Dad was Navy also! :D



No, it's not my grandpa's. He was in the Army. My grandpa saved the dresser from going to the dump because someone he knew was going to throw it away. Coincidentally, he knew the fellow who it belonged to. He has been deceased for many years and my grandpa dated his widow until she died in 2003. It was her daughter that was going to throw away the dresser and the victrola.


Whew, that's as clear as mud. B)





When my wife Flo and I were in Germany in 89, we went through "Checkpoint charlie" after reunification and vandalizing by angry Berliners. This is a piece of glass from the guard shack;


Sorry; when I find out what they will accept, I will continue

OK here goes


Marion, I can't resist it. I have to show one more Italian item(which I've already shown you).

I made a new friend in Italy via my website. He is a re-enactor of WW2 US soldiers. During our short discussions, I mentioned that I was looking for some Italian militaria. Then one day he said he sent me a package. I waited for a week or two and one arrived with an Italian helmet in it. It was not just an Italian helmet but it was his grandfather's helmet and it was in good condition. When I emailed him a Thank You, he asked about the other package. What!?! I waited a few more days and this is what he sent. And he didn't ask for any money---he just sent me it to me for free.


Alpini Hat .................... 6th Alpini Regiment, 2nd Battalion


This style hat was worn by the Alpine or Mountain troops in the Italian Army

(also was worn by Frontier Guards). There were twelve Regiments that were

formed up into six Alpine Divisions; 2 infantry regiments and 1 artillery per division.


Material: heavy wool, green

Eagle Insignia: bullion thread with a metal "6" in the center. Hats issued during WW2 usually had black wool insignias.

Red pom-pom: Identified the 2nd Battalion.

Crow's Feather: Single feather worn with hat.

Chevron: Rank insignia worn under pom-pom.

Variations: Some had smaller bands or trimmed around edge.

This one has stitches on the brim to stiffen it.


The 6th Alpine Regiment served with the 2nd "Tridentina" Alpine Division.

This division was part of the invasion across the border of France in July 1940,

the occupation of Albania and the campaign in Russia.


Okay, I promise---no more Italian stuff. :pdt:



Hey Custer...


You can show as much of ANY of your stuff. No apologies. This is a WWII forum and as long as you have WWII stuff, continue to share ad nauseum... :lol::lol:

I love looking at the Italian stuff too Steve! If you're looking for some great Italian items look for the Seller zasa on ebay.

I just got a phone call from an antique dealer offerering me a chance to come out to a huge sale one day early (tomorrow). :) I know he's got several American Army WWII uniforms and a bunch of insignias that I will have first shot at...YAHOO!!! :lol: If the price is right.....




ps- Here's a book I recently picked up. It's for soldiers of the SS "Wiking" Division and full of pictures and stories about their "Teutonic Heritage", and assorted Nazi racial BS.


Hey Gang,

I picked up a few items at the "sneak preview" flea market this morning, and a few of them have me scratching my head. For instance, I bought a nice WWII Navy? Coast Guard? complete uniform...see what I mean? Aside from the gold buttons the only military insignias are on the sleeves, as shown in the picture. Very nice blue wool double brested blazer and matching trousers...made by Brooks Brothers. Anybody know what rank and/or service that sleeve denotes?





ps- I also got a nice Summer WWII Army shirt w/sergeant's stripes and 3rd Army insignia, a few caps (seen better days) and nice unit cloth badges for 1st,5th Army and The Big Red One... :)


Here's the hat my friend brought back from the Gulf war.


Maps. Maps. I love those maps. And they help with research. I have this one hanging on my wall in my office.




A simple Road Map of Italy Scale 1:1,000,000

Marked: "Prepared under the Direction of Chief Engineers, U.S. Army, 1943"

"Italian Touring Club Map No. 17 used as a base for this map"

"Army Map Service, US Army, Washington, D.C. 1943"


Legend in upper RH corner is in Italian.

Map had evidence of scotch tape residue, probably marking positions of units or ships along the coast.

Map is used for roads and mileage. Some simple topography noted in shades of brown.


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