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Hello everyone I am the Grandson of a member of Co.A of the 257th Combat Engineer Battalion.  Any info that I can find on him would be greatly appreciated.  I have his Discharge and Qualification records.  I am looking for any info related to his time (7 months) as an engineer.  His uniform was stolen when he returned home so I have no idea what his uniform would have had on it. (patches or insignias)  His personnel records were destroyed in the fire so this is what I have.  I also know that he was AAF before becoming an engineer based on his photo album.

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While we may not be able to give you his specific info, there are many links on the forum and the main site, related to this unit. 


Simply type in "257th" on the main site, or here (top right corner of this forum's home page), to find all the pertinent information. Let me know. 

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