Daughter of an Engineer William (nmi) Carr in the 291st Co B Combat Engineers Hello Everone!

Hello Everone from Texas & Happy Thanksgiving!

im kitty & here as i continue my research on the 291st Co B Combat Infantry 

Also Several years back the A&E Channel did a Doc on this unit & I Ordered the  tape on it.. 

was entitled 'Those Damned Engineers'


Im tryin to  learn more  the history of the movements of this divison the battle of the bulge & the colomar pocket

as have some good books  on this action,,

But I work road construction drive a belly dump here  & have 2 aussie furbys & my hobby is my 71 vw which i do all the mechanics on it myself horses' dogs good folks ice tea  LOL

thanks yall 



Welcome, I don't know if you have ever been to Europe but I know a guy who knows a lot about the 75th ID in the Battle of the Bulge. You might be interested to contact him.

Best wishes,



Thank You Frank

I  Would! no never there but just to ireland where my gram was from...

im still researching   as i have more time now to do  so..

there was a page i came across from a gentleman in france i believe

 My dad passed when i was young So i never did know him  

so with what i have ive done the trials & errors to get there LOL

Thank you so much!



Try to get in touch with Bob Konings who lives close to Manhay in the Ardennes (Grand-Menil). He owns a B&B there.


thank you so much Sir,

i sure will..! i try to locate him on the web..

i Have heard your 'quote' at sometime in my life;

but  didnt know what it meant when i was younger 

kind regards.



Sir ..

io think i have come across his web page & not really knowing i didnt bookmark it Now i know,,



hello  Frank

this is the service medals i recieved several years back on my  dad since i was only child  & a replacement flag

.Ok with further reading i have found that  :The 291st Engineer Combat Battalion was one of the most decorated engineer combat battalions of the United States Army during World War II,[1] playing notable roles both in the Battle of Bulge and the Rhine crossing at Remagen.

And Still researching 

Thank you Sir



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Ok guys This is just One  place i read 

See what is  in the 1 st sentence?  So  let me know if yall would If the 291st want connected to the 75th why would they  have this info? I guess im little confused LOl Sorry Guys BUT thats not the only place ive come across this info

But im still researchin  that.tks kitty

Constituted 24 December 1942 in the Army of the United States as the 291st Infantry and assigned to the 75th Infantry Division

Activated 15 April 1943 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Inactivated 26 November 1945 at the New York Port of Embarkation

Allotted 21 February 1952 to the Organized Reserve Corps

Relieved 1 March 1952 from assignment to the 75th Infantry Division and assigned to the 95th Infantry Division


     The link that you have posted is for the 291st infantry Regiment which was indeed  one of the  Regiments of the 75th infantry Division. But in your first post you mention Those Damned Engineers which refers to the 291st Engineer combat Battalion   which as you can see are two completely different units. I also notice in the box of medals which you posted the Combat Infantry Badge which is only awarded to those in the Infantry which would indicate combat service in a Infantry unit. If it is the 291st Engineers you are looking for there is a lot of information on the internet about them. If it is the 291st Infantry you are looking for than you should look at the 75th Infantry Division website which has a lot pictures, some of which is of Company B. I hope that this can be of some help to you...........Ralph


Thank You Sir

Yes i bought the tape when it first came out here in Texas early 90's  on the A&E channel here.

because i knew from my dads va file he was in that unit. 

yes i been on well i cant recall now But Col pergine name is on them VA files Im bringing them back out tomm  An re read  

as i did read in 1939 the unit he was in was in Alaska,, I  have to figure out what they were doin there,,, lol 

yes they were my late dads 

thank you sir, I always appreciate further information =)

kind regards



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