1260th Engineers Company B Platoon 2

Thank you for allowing me to join the site. My father-in-law is deceased and while alive did not talk much of his time serving during WWII. I have been trying to piece together his life while in the Army.
I do know that they were demolition specialist and he said his focus was on blowing up bridges.


His name was Steve Szalko Jr. He entered service at Ft. Sheridan on March 28, 1944 and was honorably discharged at Ft. Sheridan on June 11, 1946. He was a demolition specialist and did serve in the European Theater.


I do have his Discharge papers and many of the photos that he took while serving. On some of the unit photos he has complete lists of those that are in the photo with him. I was hoping to find a place to share them with the families of those who had served with him but don't know if there are any web sites out there specific to the unit.


My main interest right now is learning the history of his unit - dates and route traveled and what they did along the way.


Hello and warmest welcome here to the forum. Don't believe there is a site specifically for the 1260th ECB, but if there is I'm sure M1(Marion) would know. We certainly would be glad to see anything of your father-in-laws' service that you might be willing to share with us here. Click on this link to see a thread here on the forum that was started previously about the 1260th ECB, you might find helpful.




My grandfather was also a demolition specialist with the 292nd ECB. Good luck with your search!




Unfortunately, the majority of engineer units from WWII, do not have their own sites. Many have also disappeared, as men from these units have passed on, with no one willing to keep the sites up and running. That is why this forum and website have become so valuable, as people have made this web a repository for numerous units and personal memoirs from WWII.

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