344th Engineer Regiment H&S Company

My Grandfather is Sydney Reid Purvis.  He served with the 344th Engineer GS during WW2.  I have pictures of him with Master Sergeant stripes and a medal citation with his rank being a 2nd LT.  I know he served in the H&S Company as an LT but do not know what his previous Company might have been.  I would love to find some pictures or info about his service so I can give to my Daddy and Uncles.  I am assuming he was with the 344th from the beginning because I have a picture of him in Scotland.  I have been reading this website for a week and am astounded at the information.  The funniest part is they all told me he was in D day.  That seems to be a common theme.  Operation Dragoon, talk about getting looked over in the history books.  Also, I saw where there is a book called “The 344th has Traveled,” or something similar.  Where can I buy a copy of that or at least download.  I look forward to hearing from you all.

Todd Purvis





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