WWII Combat Story - The 19th Engineer No Longer Exist

From my friend, Tim Nelson. This was taken from a group email regarding the 19th Engineers.



First, we must thank Marion as a beacon of information and light. Her work promoting the incredible history of her father's combat engineering outfit is fantastic. Thanks for making this email possible, Marion.
My father was a member of the 19th Engineer Combat Regiment, as was Alice's uncle Gustaf O. Johnson. They found home together in the regiment's first battalion, seeing and doing the same things in North Africa, Sicily and Italy.
See the regiment's story as told by their comrades here, a video documentary I produced several months ago. It's the definitive history of 19th Engineers, who were among the first American soldiers to engage in combat against the German and Italian armies in World War II. The documentary will help perhaps explain what troubled Alice's uncle Gustaf about the war. World War II Magazine recently said "(the 19th Engineers) these guys were involved in a couple combat meat grinders that were sure to cause psychological casualties". In other words, what they saw was grim, and predictably lethal. There is one man still alive from "C" company, who may still remember your Uncle.
I'm sorry for your loss, Alice.
"The 19th Engineers No Longer Exist"
A film by Tim Nelson ©2015
U.S. Army combat engineers of World War II – battle survivors of Kasserine Pass and Rapido River fiascos – share candid and cutting war memories with the son of a former comrade in search of his father’s war story.
These men remind us that World War II could be a tragic affair for the American soldier, along with all who served in the conflict. Soldiers of this unit took a pounding, losing men everywhere they marched in North Africa, Sicily and Italy. Some would say they were a ‘hard luck’ outfit, given their staggering losses. After the war – common to returning combat veterans – reintegration to a post-war America was another battle. Commanded by generals Patton, Bradley and Keyes, their contributions are recognized as pivotal in American military history.
This documentary features previously unpublished, private collection war photography from frontline combat. Images and descriptions of war in this film are graphic and intended for mature audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.
The creator writes of his father, Clayton Nelson, “The top shelf of his closet held a shoebox with dozens of photographs and military paperwork related to the seminal event of the 20th Century. The photos of him revealed a shift from a smiling youngster, to a hardened man. As a kid, I could see in my Dad’s eyes a story that his mouth would obediently resist. But he died before he was ready to talk in detail about it. Then, after a search, I located the men he soldiered with in World War II. These men – his brothers in arms – uncles to me in a sense, would share that story.
Interviewees from the 19th Combat Engineer Regiment include Milan Glumac, George H. McClain Jr., Paul L. Varsalona, Elmer H. Bomke, Raymond J. Dees, Charles M. Thomas, Loyal F. Rockhold, Emerson P. Sanders, John D. Upton and David H. Wagner.
Filmed, written and produced by Tim Nelson
Narration by Doug Vincent




Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

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