The Story of GI Joe....Ernie Pyle

I just saw this movie for the first time today on Turner Classic movies. It was based on Ernie Pyle's travels with the 18th Infantry Div. in Italy, and starred Burgess Meredith (as Pyle) and Robert Mitchum...along with some of the actual veterans of that campaign. I thought the movie was terrific, gritty, and way ahead of the rest of that genre of period-made WWII flicks. I am always amazed when a film like this is shown...I thought I had probably seen every WWII movie that was ever made by now! :lol:

Naturally, when it showed them living in the rain and mud I thought about Rocky and his buddies, who were in the process of doing it for real 60 years ago when this picture was made. It included some dialogue of the soldiers discussing bombing the monestary too, just as I'm sure occured at the time. Ernie Pyle had a remarkable way of telling their story to the folks back home. It's no wonder he was so well thought of by the boys he served with in both theaters .


Jim :woof:


PS- Hope everyone is enjoying a nice saturday! :pdt34:


I saw this one a while back. I was channel surfing and figured what the hay! I usually don't like black and white movies but I gave it a shot. I was really taken with that movie. So sad because we of course know that Ernie didn't survive the war.


And that part about the dog when he was crying over the soldier that was killed. :( awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!




Yes, that is a great movie. Burgess Meredith caught the essence of Ernie Pyle. And I liked how the movie quoted from him. And Robert Mitchum was great.

Two bits of trivia about this movie that I found:

This movie was released the same year that Ernie Pyle was killed by a sniper at Okinawa.

This was the only movie that Robert Mitchum was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.




I thought it was a great movie also. Like someone else said it was way ahead of some of the others of that period.


Since comming to this site and reading what you guys have said it has made me much more aware of "The other front". The days in combat alone speak volumes.


I do enjoy reading what you guys have to say. Thank you all.




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