Farewell John Markell - 36th Combat Engineer

Hi Marion,


My dad, John Markell was in the 36th Combat Engineers from 1942-1945. Served in North Africa, Anzio, Sicily, Austria, France and Germany. He died 4 years ago in November of 2008. He had been the first sales mgr. for Schwans (Marshall, MN) so instead of a hearse for his last ride, my son and I drove him to the cemetery in a replica of Schwan's first ice cream truck. If you can use these photos, be my guest.


Dan Markell


Dear Dan:


First off our condolences on your loss. We keep losing all "our boys" at an alarming rate, and I must admit, I'm getting to the point when I hate to open my email, for fear of hearing about the passing of another engineer. :tearyeyed:


WOW, what a great story and a great photo! This really had to be something. I'm sure the town had never seen anything like this before. He certainly made a grand entrance to heaven to be with his buddies.



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