Where were you or your family? - Pearl Harbor


You should be proud! That means the credit for killing the son-of-a-bitch should go to a Mexican! :lol:


EXCUSE ME CAPT. I am an American of Mexican descent

per dad, Mom was a TEXAN. BUT I WILL TAKE THE

Mexican 100%!!! don'tknocktherock


I was just a handsome freckled face

and red hair kid of 16. OH I forgot I

was at a roller skate rink when it

was announced,we were told to go home.(no money refunded )

Jim H

PS-OH Look At Me Now


They say that these moments freeze where you were at that moment. Notice the detail in 206thmpco accounts. People remember details like they were near a radiator. I remember what I was wearing when I heard about the Challenger disaster.


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