Full Version: 36th/540th Combat Engineer - 2012 Reunion
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Great to be able to get back into the forum today M1 and catch up on the news. Yes I agree and hope Kai-Ann can make it in 2013. Whenever and wherever the reunion takes place next year I will be there - god willing!



Photos of the the 2012 reunion.

A beautiful day dawns over the courtyard.


post-304-0-95506200-1349395779_thumb.jpg post-304-0-68243300-1349395790_thumb.jpg


post-304-0-83484100-1349395800_thumb.jpg post-304-0-86460100-1349395810_thumb.jpg


post-304-0-61409300-1349395821_thumb.jpg post-304-0-81594500-1349395831_thumb.jpg


post-304-0-81652300-1349395841_thumb.jpg post-304-0-26861300-1349395852_thumb.jpg


post-304-0-31717800-1349395862_thumb.jpg post-304-0-24663600-1349395872_thumb.jpg


post-304-0-26961000-1349395898_thumb.jpg post-304-0-38031700-1349395908_thumb.jpg



What a fun day that was. Just pure laughs and enjoying the beautiful weather. Doesn't get any better than that.


Guess we should explain the UPSIDE-DOWN sign that Carl is holding... Margi wanted the vets to hold the sign so she could take some pics to show our "beer suppliers/donators" and say thanks for their contribution for the weekend. So Carl has the sign and is holding it upside down and we yell, no don't change it, leave it. So we were all laughing and saying, how appropriate - beer and upside sign! :drinkin: :drinkin: :drinkin: :drinkin: So then it took off from there and was our joke or laugh of the day. Margi started calling our boys the "Double MM's" or "2 M&M's". Yup, that's WWII upside down. :pdt12: :pdt12: :pdt12:

Okay, finally got 'er done. Edited, uploaded and named all in the photos. Many thanks to Margi too, who provided many of these pics. We laughed so long and so hard. What a beautiful several days spent in PA with the best of the best!


36th Engineer Reunion pics from 2012

Marion a very impressive array of pictures showing what a great time was had by all. Thanks to your, Margi and John's efforts I had a ball together with the vets, relatives and others who attended the reunion. Looking forward to meeting you all again whenever/wherever it is in 2013 !!



I have to agree with you and say this year's was the best. It was simple FUN! So much laughter and lots of smiles.


I am already counting down to next year to, whenever and wherever! Amen!


Miss you too. Wish we lived closer so we could meet for lunch or simply sit and chat. Sure appreciate our friendship.

Hey Colin, did you see the SPECIAL pics of you and Margi? I had fun with those creating those.



Yes Marion I saw the pics of Margi and I and thank you for making the effort to do them for us. I have downloaded a numbe of your pics for my PC collection and for my Facebook photos page. Some really great memories and a way of showing the family what I was up to!



Forgot to add, love your CHILL OUT t-shirt!

It looks like you had such a great time! I'm really sad I had to miss it!!

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