Full Version: 36th/540th Combat Engineer - 2012 Reunion
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I am sad too! Gee, can't we get the Marine Corps to fly ya in for a few days!!! :pdt12: :pdt12: :pdt12:

Just spoke with Jae "The Girl", and she informs me the re-enactors will BE BACK this year, so another convoy through town is on the agenda again. HOORAY!


So, thanks in advance to Jae, Jeff "Doc" and the rest of the gang.





Just received the news:



Hi Marion, Confirm musical program by Octagon Band, Sat., Sept 15th, 7-8 PM at the Lebanon Quality Inn... Lee Moyer


Get your dancing shoes on!!!

Great news M1 !!


Colin. :clappin2:

Talked to John and Carl this weekend and they are excited too. They are very appreciative of all our efforts to make this the best reunion ever. Of course if we could bring back ALL the guys, then that would be the BEST of ALL, but unfortunately that is beyond our current powers...

If anyone would like to check out the big band in the interim...

I am sad too! Gee, can't we get the Marine Corps to fly ya in for a few days!!! :pdt12: :pdt12: :pdt12:


'Fraid they would have to fly me off ship then around the world! I will send an email or two that you could perhaps read to the assembled folks. And you would have to have a cold one for for me as well!


My future home - the Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6):



Wow, didn't know you would be on a ship. Future home of Major Todd. You really get around dude!


Yes, we can conference call or something. We will work out a time, etc, for sure. Good idea.

Okay, have my Amtrak tickets. While there, gonna stay with my sister-in-law for two extra days too. She lives in Pittsburgh. Ah, really looking forward to this. Now I can book my hotel today too.


Gonna arrive at the reunion on Wednesday around 1 PM. This will also give me an additional day with "my boys".

Dang!!!!! When we were planning this year's reunion, the re-enactors and myself didn't realize there would be a conflict, for last year we moved the reunion up one week to accommodate more people.


Well, we thought we had everything wrapped up, until I head from Craig S, one of the re-enactors, who informed me that's the BIG WEEKEND at Ike's Farm in Gettysburg, so they won't be able to attend. Whaaa, no convoy this year.


We're all bummed, but such is life. The reunion will still be a blast, but just a little sadder, without this great event. :groan:

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