Full Version: 36th/540th Combat Engineer - 2012 Reunion
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Sorry to hear! That was a blast!

Sounds like the Quality Inn refubisment will impress us when we arrive from what I've heard. Only days to go now !!


Colin. :clappin2:

Virtually every day, John, Carl, Marguerite and I have been exchanging emails, and new things keep creeping in for the reunion. Everyone is pulling together to make this the best one in many moons, and I know that will happen!!!

So how is everything going? I'm dying to hear!!

Short letter right now, but WHAT A TIME WE HAD. Beautiful weather every day, around 80 and sunny.


Good turn out and lots of fun was had by all. We wound up taking advantage of the weather and sat outside in and around the gazebo every day. Saturday morning we had virtually everyone outside and I think we took over the place. ha-ha! Surprised we didn't get kicked out for a few jumped over the pool fence and grabbed the extra chairs we needed to accommodate our little crowd. We were all drinking beers and laughing. Ah, fond new memories.


Will get pics posted to the gallery, but not until I get back home, for I am now in Pittsburgh spending some time with family and then heading back to Michigan on Wednesday.


I am attaching a pic or two here for all to see.


It was nice to have two FORUM friends at the reunion, Larry and Colin. Colin did not know Larry was attending and when he walked in, I said to Colin, "Have a surprise for you, SonofaMP is here. How cool was that.




We also had two members of the current 36th Engineer Brigade, there for two days - CSM Harris and Colonel Hill. How wonderful to have both of you there. A real honor.


Received his nice letter from the Sargent Harris, yesterday.




I wanted to send a note with my email address and also thank you for the warm welcome and great hospitality during the reunion. I had a great time.

I know the veterans really appreciate all that you do for them.


Again, thanks for a great event.


Geoff Harris

CSM, 36th Eng Bde

Fort Hood, Tx


Here's a pic of Col Hill, Colin and the Master Sgt Harris, after the banquet on Sat night.


What an awesome time we had at the reunion. Marian, Margie, and the rest did a tremendous job on the arrangements and program. It was great meeting & talking to the vets and their families. I`ve never felt more welcome anywhere in my life. Meeting Colin, whom i`ve only known on the forum was another plus. Someday we`ll tell about the "elevater adventure ride" we had, ...(then again...mabe we wont).

I`m still in CT. doing family genealogy research, but will be leaving for home tomorow. Will upload some more photos when i get home.






Captain John Fallon with the 36th Engineer Campaign Map




CSM Harris, Marion, Col. Hill

Hi Larry! Sure was fun and it was great having you there. I haven't posted much on the forum after my return this past Wednesday, for I've been a busy little bee. Thanks for posting those two pics for us.


I still have a ton of work to catch up on, but guess I'm making progress. LOL!!!


Here's the reunion and to everyone who attended. It was wonderful!

To me this topped the two previous reunions I have attended by a long way. Trust the girls to get it absolutely right and Marion and Margi did just that with food, decoration etc and attention to detail.

Meeting Larry was a great pleasure after all this time on the forum together.

Col Hill and CSM Harris made a brilliant contribution and had obviously taken a lot of trouble to bring more interesting information on the 36th both of WW2 and today.

Finally to be presented with a 36th pin was a vey special moment to me and I now feel even closer to those who served in this great organisation and are serving still.

Thank you too for the RAF flag, such a nice touch and greatly appreciated.

Roll on September 2013 - wherever !!



Ah, the forum has either been completely down, or having difficulties for the last four of five days, so was unable to answer you. Whew!!!


Yes, I think it topped the previous too. So much fun and even the weather was perfect!! Love having you there. The only thing which could have made it even better, would be having Kai-Ann there with us. But, we will work on that for next year, yes?


Have to still go through my pics and stuff. So much going on and still trying to play catch-up and work through all the computer problems.

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