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INFO for 2012 reunion:


When: Thursday, September 13 through Sunday, September 16th


Some people do arrive on Wednesday, though most arrive on Thursday with other trickling in on Fri or Sat. Most leave on Sunday morning, or early afternoon.




Quality Inn

625 Quentin Rd.

Lebanon, PA


Toll-Free: (800) 626-8242 or (717) 273-6771

Fax: (717) 273-4882


Make your reservations by September 1, 2012 to make sure you get a room. Let them know that you are part of the 36th/540th Reunion to get discounted rate! Hotel rooms are $62.00 per night and includes breakfast.


The Colony Room (our hospitality suite) is available to us for all four days. Snacks will be provided, along with beer and wine.



We usually plan a nice dinner out at a local restaurant on Friday night. If you are interested, let John or I know ahead of time so we can include you in the reservations. If not, the Colony Room will be open for your use.


There will be a banquet Saturday evening. This is a semi-formal affair.



DVD presentations by YOURS TRULY will be shown throughout the weekend. Bring your photos, books, documents, etc. We have a LOT of fun reminiscing!


Other costs...


UPDATE: This year's registrations fee: $40.00 per person. This covers the hospitality suite, lunch and snacks, pop and alcohol and dinner Saturday evening.


Mail your registration fee to:


2459 First Avenue

Avalon, NJ 08202


Make sure to include your full name(s) and the number of attendees. Registration should be mailed by September 1, 2012




Margi Johnson contacted the Order of the Purple Heart, in order to begin a fundraiser for our group (see attachment). Depending on how much money we raise, it could substantially cut the cost of running the reunion this year.


To be honest, our funds are very low and any donations we received would mean a hell of a lot to these men and their families.


If you can contribute (even a dollar is appreciated), it would be greatly appreciated!!!!


Help make this a truly memorable event for these dedicated veterans! Thanks, M1





Nearest available airport - Harrisburg, PA (approximately 30 minutes west of our hotel)

The famous Hershey's Chocolate Factory/Museum, in Hershey, PA is located between airport and Lebanon. Plan on stopping in!

Fundraiser - 36th Engs - 2012.pdf

36th donation request.pdf

Makes me very sad to think about! (Being in Okinawa and all would make that a hell of a drive!) :(

Yes, I was really hoping to spend time with you. I know the others shall miss you as well. It was so nice to have another representative for the 540th...

148 DAYS TO GO!!


Colin. :clappin2:

Working on getting a band or singing group. Have a great possibility, an eighteen-piece big band who would be willing to play, but we are trying to work out fees. They are willing to work within our budget, but at the moment it's hard to ascertain how much we can come up with via donations, by mid-September.


We are writing back and forth this morning, and I told him it's probably easier for him to give me a minimum, for I wouldn't want to insult them with a really low-ball figure. Told them I know they are professionals and could be playing for their normal fee that weekend. So if they decide not to play, I would certainly understand. Also if we can determine this now, it also gives me more time to find another group by September.

Also looking into another promising band. Waiting to hear from them this week....

Okay, we've just received another donation for our group via the fundraiser which Margi started. Way to go!


Just wrote a letter to another possible big band, who actually reside in Lancaster County. Wish me luck!


Remember to send in your registration ASAP! John is getting a bit concerned, as not many have signed up yet, but I think this is par for course, so early in the summer. I think most people wait until the last minute, but it always gives John a moment of worry!!!!


Let's hear from you!

I'm rootin for you M1 as always in your efforts on the musical front. I am also full of admiration for the contribution that Margi is making in her search for funds. There is definately something special about the 36th/540th ladies apart from their looks and friendliness !!



Dear Colin:


Great post! I got a real kick out of your last comment. Thanks!

It still makes me very sad I can't be there. I thought I might be able to call in for a little bit, at least, but it seems I will be on a ship in the middle of the Pacific at the time. I'll have to send an email that you can read for the group.

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