Sicily 1943 Agrigento to Palermo.

I'm preparing for my 2006 trip to Sicily in May. I am hoping to trace the journey from Agrigento on the south coast to Palermo, undertaken by the US 7th Army via San Stefano, Prizzi and Corleone etc from July 19th 1943 over very hard terrain. Having visited the beacheads at Licata and Gela previously, I now wish to close my research with the one area I have not travelled. As Marion and I have said before WW2 in Sicily is all but forgotten - I am determined this will not happen.

Is there a Husky veteran or family member that has anything to add to my research especially to do with the 7th US Army?






I should be able to give you more info before you leave. I received my second package from National Archives and will see if I can shed any light on the subject. Since your trip doesn't occur until May, I should have the final docs by then too.


Wanna come over and help me sort? :lol:

Marion J Chard
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Colin...Do you have the CD "Crusade in Europe" By Gen Eisenhower? I bouhgt one in a local Super Market for 35 cents. It has a fair account of the sicilian campaig. If You cant find it I'll send you mine. Marion has one too. AL Kincer

Marion and Al, as always thank you for your replies.


Marion, if only! I suppose we must be thankful for these electronic chats, it would be a pleasure just to meet you and say hello.* I know that you will give me anything you find on Sicily.


Al, thank you for the tip on the "Crusade in Europe" CD I will look into it to see if it is available on this side of the pond. It sounds like a very good 35 cents worth!


I have just managed to obtain a copy of "Hell on Wheels" - The 2nd Armored Division by Donald E. Houston and it looks as if there is a good section on Sicily 1943.


* in fact that goes for all my US friends. :pdt34:






Is there a Husky veteran or family member that has anything to add to my research?


I'm not a veteran but recently I have received some email inquiries about Sicily. One chap was looking for WW2 maps of Sicily. At that time(this month) a seller on eBay had listed several tactical maps of Sicily for sale. I was tempted to bid on one or two but didn't. Next time I will and keep them for someone like you who might want them. These maps are crucial when it comes to locating places mentioned in the Op Reports.

Anyway, I could look up the emails of the contact(s) and forward it to you, if you want to talk to them.




Thank you for the offer Steve but maps are one research tool I have. What I was hoping for and this has been so during the last four years, were the experiences of members of the US 7th Army in Sicily or other veterans of Husky.






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