Since we're talking about Sicily....

Since people are mentioning the invasion of Sicily, if anyone is interested in a unique perspective of the planning leading up to the invasion I would highly reccomend the book Operation: Mincemeat. It was a British covert exercise to try and convince the axis powers that we were going to bypass Sicily even though it was onvious we weren't.


Sorry Ive been away for awhile. It has been hectic.


No need to apologize. We all have lives outside this forum and the Internet. Or at least I hope so. :lol:


I actually got away this weekend and went downstate to the area where we used to live. Got to visit with friends and spend the night and get away. Oh it was so nice... Always too short though.


Thanks for the recommendation. I will add that one to my ever-extending book wish list.


Nice to have ya back. :)

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