News Reporting WWII

I was answering a WWII question on the History Channel Boards and thought I would place the links here. A grad student is conducting some research into the news then and now.


Interesting book:


Reporting WWII

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One of the best books I read on reporting of WW2 is:

"Brave Men." by Ernie Pyle - New York 1944.

I obtained a copy of this from the public library here in Wiltshire UK.

Ernie Pyle was a famous war correspondent and went ashore with the US 7th Army in Sicily. He was killed in the Pacific in 1945. This is what he wrote about those who died in Sicily during the 38 days of Operation Husky 1943:


There is nothing we can do

for the ones beneath the

wooden crosses except to

pause and murmur, 'Thanks Pal'.






"Brave Men." by Ernie Pyle - New York 1944.

I was browsing a Barnes & Noble that just opened up in my hometown and I saw that this book has been republished. Also, Bill Mauldin's book "Up Front" has also been republished.

I try to keep an extra copy of both of these books for sale on my PX Store. I don't have a copy of Up Front but I can get one.



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