2731st Engineer Light Equipment Company
Carl F Huth Jr. (from Tiffin, Ohio) was Honorably Discharged as having served in the 2731st Engineer Light Equipment Company. He was enlisted in the US Army from 10/2/1942 to 11/11/1945 and served overseas from 7/16/1943 to 8/23/1945. There is little known about this company, so I wanted to share my research results and see if there was any additional information available regarding either 2731st or Carl F Huth Jr.

World War 2 Timeline
  • 5/15/1944: 2731st Engineer Light Equipment Company constituted
  • 6/1944: 2731st Engineer Light Equipment Company activated in Camp Breckinridge, KY
  • 1/16/1945 to 3/22/1945: 2731st is in France
  • 3/1/1945: 2731st is attached to 343rd Engineers GS Regiment (343rd Engineers are attached to 7th Army)
  • 3/23/1945 to 6/15/1945: 2731st is in Germany/Austria (attached to 343rd Engineers GS Regiment)
  • 4/1/1945: 343rd in Germany around Wurzburg/Ludwigsburg area (?)
  • 5/29/1945: 343rd detached from 7th Army
  • 6/3/1945: 2731st receives commendation for their work from 343rd. Col. Richard B. Dunbar, C.O. of the 2nd Battalion / 343th Engineer (General Services Regiment) to the 2731st Engineer Light Equipment Company. Comments on support for the "past several months." The commendation is endorsed by B.G. Garrison H. Davidson, Office of Engineers, HQ Seventh Army.
                  o Helped build first fixed span bridge over the Rhine

  •  6/10/1945: 2731st is no longer attached to 343rd Engineers GS Regiment
  •  6/16/1945 to 8/23/1945: 2731st is in France.
  • 8/23/1945 to 9/2/1945: 2731st travels home from Europe to USA on ship (Marseille, France to Camp Patrick Henry, Hampton Roads/Newport News, VA)
  • 9/2/1945: Receive letter for 30 days leave (TDY) and to report to new “Reception Station” Camp Atterbury, IN  (or various camps, shown in attachments)
  • 10/2/1945: Leave over, report to Camp Atterbury, IN  (or various camps, shown in attachments)
  • 11/11/1945: Discharges – Camp Atterbury, IN (or various camps, shown in attachments)
  • 11/13/1945: 2731st Engineer Light Equipment Company inactivated in Camp Breckinridge, KY
List of places visited:
• Camp Luck Strike
• St Valeryen Caux, Normandy
• Fecamp, Normandy
• Nancy
• Sarralbe
• Sarreguemines
• Saar
• Blies
• Blieskastel
• Bitche
• Abweiler
• Kaiserslautern
• Landstuhl
• Nuenberg
• Badonviller
• Ulm
• Innsbrook
• Ober Ammergan
• Munich
• Landsberg
• Oirmasens
• Bad Canstatt
• Karisruhe
• Paris
• Bruchasal
• Moyenvic
• Marsilles
• Dijon
• Mujalack
• Maulbronn
• Heilbronn
• Neckar
• Hamm
• Blies
• Ludwigshaven
• Ludwigsberg
• Steinach

Medals Received by 2731st
• European African Middle Eastern (EAME) Theater Ribbon w/ per WD GO #33/45
• Good Conduct Ribbon
• WW2 Victory Medal

The 2731st had roughly 100-120 men (4 officers & 114 enlisted men). Duties included furnished supplementary equipment with operators to engineer combat battalions and operated as a replacement pool for construction equipment. hey were often attached to 343rd Engineers GS Regiment and the 7th Army (typically attached to corps/army). The 343rd regiment would have been about 1000-1200 men. The Commanding Officer of 2731st was Captain William Atterberry. One of the platoon leaders from 7/1944 to 9/1945 was Samuel T Caldwell. 2731st is now known as 297th today. 

Here is a photo of Carl F Huth Jr during WWII at what we believe to be Marseille, France (not sure - could be Germany or Austria as well). There is another photo of him on a scooter/motorcycle at this same location that was provided to us a few years back, but we no longer have access to it. Not sure if anyone is familiar with this location, or has access to the other missing photo by chance?

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Thank you for sharing this with the forum and subsequently, the entire world. It's so important for us to share what we know.

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