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Hi Marion,
My grandfather, Milton Brodsky who I never had the privilege of meeting served in the Army Corps of Engineers during WW2. I only know he grew up in Brooklyn and moved to Lake Hiawatha New Jersey where he remained all of his life and lived from 1921-1973 after dying from injuries suffered from a car accident. I would love to find out any information if you have any access to finding me this information.

Thank you for your help,

Eric Welch





Milton Brodsky was born on February 12, 1921 and died on November 1, 1973 at the age of 52. His soc # was 053-16-7798
I found two records as possibilities (see attachments).
To get the complete history, I would either contact the Army Corps of Engineer's Office of History, and/or NARA in Maryland. I have info regarding this in my RESEARCH section on my forum. The notes below are just bits and pieces of history. It is very difficult to obtain a complete picture from the internet. Most units do not have websites dedicated to their history.
Mind you, this is the story of a WWII veteran, but he wasn't placed with 346th Engineer General Service Regiment until after the war in occupied Germany.

I found a short segment on another page that stated:

My grandfather was in Company B. This information is according to his records:
The regiment was formed in early 1942, and trained at Camp Claiborne in Louisiana. It shipped out to England in early August 1942 from Camp Kilmer. In England, at least part of the regiment helped build Nuthampstead airbase.
The regiment landed at Omaha Beach in Normandy around June 26, 1944, and went on to help repair the port of Cherbourg. The regiment then went to Granville, France where it may have assisted in constructing the facilities for the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) until mid-September 1944. It then moved to Versailles, France where it stayed until mid-November 1944. Again, the unit could have been assisting in the construction of facilities for SHAEF. In mid-November 1944, the regiment spent two weeks around St-Germain-en-Laye, France, before moving to Liege, Belgium.
The regiment was stationed in and around Liege throughout the Battle of the Bulge. In January 1945, the regiment moved to Tongres, Belgium. In March 1945, it moved to Aachen Germany where it remained until the end of the war.
After the war ended, the unit moved from Limburg, Siersahn, and Frankfurt am Rhein. During at least part of this time, the regiment built enclosures for German POWs who had served in the SS.
On this page more than half way down, there is a mention of the unit
Because of the excessive large number of patients received, ADSEC decided it was necessary to set up another Railway Evacuation Holding Unit in the immediate vicinity. The site was Brand, Germany, in the Lintert Kaserne. Operations ceased at 2400 hours, 4 March 1945, and after turning over the entire medical installation to the 32d General Hospital, the organization started moving from Aachen to Brand on 6 March. Upon arrival they found a number of two-story buildings previously occupied by members of the 104th Infantry Division. As usual, the place was dirty and covered with much debris and litter. Many of the buildings were without windows and much repair had to be done to provide for a decent operation. F Company, 346th Engineer General Service Regiment began immediately to install blackouts, repair windows and roofs, and check water and electricity. A large generator was secured to furnish power and light for the entire installation.
Open this document and find the section heading - Engineer Unit Training Center




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