And Major O'Brien's next assignment will be. . . . .

So now I am down to 5 days an a wake up until I leave Albany! I have already sent my 2 shipments of stuff to Okinawa (one is smaller, leaves earlier, and gets there faster; the other is everything else) and have only my non-temp storage (everything else we aren't taking) shipment to go. There is also the stuff I'm taking to my parents (guns, liquor - the good stuff) as well as what we are taking on the plane so it's been pretty complicated. Normally they just shove everything on a truck minus whatever you have to move yourself and you meet it there at your next house. Anyway, as of next Monday, we will be done with moves except for what we are taking to Texas. From about the 22nd of May until 13 June we will be visiting both sides of the family in Texas. The timing is good as we get to see a niece and a nephew graduate from 8th grade. On the 14th of June we go from DFW to SEA-TAC (Seattle) and the next day we wing it for Okinawa.


So in other words it will be a busy month coming up. As a matter of fact, it's been a busy last month as well. My trip to Oki earlier this month went fine, but I didn't see a lot of sites as I knew I was coming back (so no pictures!) Anyway, you may not hear much out of me in the coming weeks, but I will certainly be checking in regularly. I don't do social media so this is as close as I get to Facebook!


More to follow. . . .

Maj Todd O. USMC, Retired
Grandson of LTC John O'Brien

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