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So my monitor (another Marine that is normally the same rank who decides where other Marines get assigned) calls me yesterday and had some news. The place I wanted to go in Camp Lejeune wasn't open anymore and the other places in Lejeune were likely not going to happen. But the good news was that the Commo position (the S-6) for the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) was open - in Okinawa. I told her to give me a bit and I talked it over with my wife. We both agreed it was a good time and we notified the monitor that it was a go. This is a primo position, too! It is one of 7 MEU commo positions in the Corps so they are hard to get. Our report date will be no later than 1 July so there won't be much time after school for us to get packed visit family and get there.


I will keep everyone updated as I get news. The good things is that I know several people over there that I have been working with over the last few years. I also already had a trip to Oki planned for April so this will also serve as a time to do some recon. Can't wait!




I'll be back there soon!!


Todd I wish you all the best for your new assignment. I suppose this means we wont be meeting in PA, but some time in the future, I hope you can tell me how Oki is today and how the modern US Marine fares abroad. This junior rank RAF flyboy salutes you Major O'Brien.


Regards, Colin. :14_1_107v:

That is great news, but Colin, Kai and I are feeling sad because we won't get to be with you in September. However, we will get over that and :bluejumper: :bluejumper: :bluejumper: for joy for ya. What a sweet assignment! Yahoo!!!

Best of luck in the new assignment Todd, sounds like ya got a good deal. Knowing someone there is always good.

Wish i could go with ya, i`d like to walk in me uncle`s bootprints.

Have a wonderful time Todd...Click on the photos...



That is great news, Major Todd O'Brien. I wish you all the best for your new assignment. With all my affection from France


Vee :clappin2:

Thanks to all. I'm really looking forward to it. The stress of moving (never real fun) is even harder now that we are moving overseas but we'll get through it. Everything I've heard is that it is great. You all, of course, will be the first on the list to see all of the pictures I take. They do trips to Iwo Jima once a year as well as other battle sites in the Pacific.

So now I am down to 5 days an a wake up until I leave Albany! I have already sent my 2 shipments of stuff to Okinawa (one is smaller, leaves earlier, and gets there faster; the other is everything else) and have only my non-temp storage (everything else we aren't taking) shipment to go. There is also the stuff I'm taking to my parents (guns, liquor - the good stuff) as well as what we are taking on the plane so it's been pretty complicated. Normally they just shove everything on a truck minus whatever you have to move yourself and you meet it there at your next house. Anyway, as of next Monday, we will be done with moves except for what we are taking to Texas. From about the 22nd of May until 13 June we will be visiting both sides of the family in Texas. The timing is good as we get to see a niece and a nephew graduate from 8th grade. On the 14th of June we go from DFW to SEA-TAC (Seattle) and the next day we wing it for Okinawa.


So in other words it will be a busy month coming up. As a matter of fact, it's been a busy last month as well. My trip to Oki earlier this month went fine, but I didn't see a lot of sites as I knew I was coming back (so no pictures!) Anyway, you may not hear much out of me in the coming weeks, but I will certainly be checking in regularly. I don't do social media so this is as close as I get to Facebook!


More to follow. . . .

It's good to hear from you. I know how busy you've been, so not surprised you haven't been posting. You've got your hands full!!


How are the boys handling it? I bet they are very excited, but probably bummed about leaving their school and all their friends, huh?


Sounds like a complicated move, with so many things to consider.


Keep us apprised of your situation when you get a chance.


All the best,


Ground Control to Major Todd,

That is really exiting...Congratulations! Do you have room in your family to adopt a 60 year old son? Places like Okinawa which are rich in USMC history must be a great honor for you to have this opportunity to live in. I can never hear the name Okinawa without thinking about the planned invasion of Japan, which was averted by the decision of President Harry Truman to use the Atomic bomb in 1945.


Good Luck Sir,


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