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So I made it about 2 days ago. It's sort of a drag right now because I would love to explore with the family but we don't have a car yet. We also have to take a driving test (written) before we can get our SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) license. We can take the test Monday or Tuesday, but we can't get it even if we pass until the new join brief on Wednesday. Oh, did I mention a Typhoon is coming sometime tomorrow afternoon? Everyone in my family is going to get real tired of "togetherness" by the time we are mobile again!!


More to follow. . .

Wow, that must be a very special welcome for you; the typhoon. I'm sure they had that arranged in your honor!!!! :clappin2:

It's pretty mild so far. There have certainly been worse Hurricanes that I've lived through in North Carolina.



So, yes, I survived. It ended up pretty weak as far as typhoons go as it swerved quite a bit to the east. As for me, we have gotten a base house (on Camp McTureous), gotten our SOFA driver's licenses, bought 2 cars (a Mazda MPV and a Nissan Tino), and have scheduled our first of two shipment deliveries. We will be able to pick up our cars on Friday (we have been carless so far) so we will finally be able to be mobile and see the sights (and take pictures for you).


More to follow. . .

Wow, we didn't realize you were also going to add meteorology to your list of duties.


"And right after this commercial from Nissan, our resident meteorologist, Major Todd, will share the weekend's forecast..."


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