George Magellas - 82nd Airborne

Man, I hate when I send an email and it comes back permanent failure. Usually means one of two things; someone has changed their email addy or...


Though I haven't heard any specifics or confirmation, I fear the worst for James Magellas (Maggie) of the 82nd Airborn and for


George Goldstein, another WWII veteran, whom I met via my music site. He had written me on three different occasions.







I have been listening to your web site for a long time now. I am a veteran of wii who was part of the invasion at Omaha Beacfh and the battles at St. LO and the battle of the Bulge. I have been playing this music on the piano for a very long time especially for the GI's during the war and I really love your web sight. I call it my kind of music. The music of today does not compare. I have passed your web sight on to many people of my era and they all love it. I'm Beginning to see the light is one of my favorites also. I have a neighbor who I gave this web sight to and he playes the claronet. We have a great time listening to the music you have on the web sight and we try to play a duet with this music. We have a good time. Is there a way to have other songs that I like added to your web sight? I found your web sight by accident looking for the music of my era. I got lucky. Hoping to hear from you again soon.


Your Happy LIstener,


George Goldstein



Hi again:

I just loved your response. You really sounded like you are really interested in what I did.. I was a Staff Sgt. with the 747th Tank Battallion attached to the 29th Infantry Division. The 29th saw its share of combat. As you know, we were fighting a war that we had to defend our country and ourselves. We had a very good reason to go to war. I feel very bad about the war of today. I do not believe that our men and women should be there fighting a civil war where we do not belong. Hopefully they will be returning home soon.


Keep up the good work,




Maggie had also corresponded with me a few times. I met him via my pal Hugh Ames, whom I designed a WWII 504th PIR site. Hugh is now gone and it looks as though..


I have a signed book my Maggie and I had also sent him a signed copy of my documentary.

Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

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