Help to find relatives of soldier Pytel

And with that, I walk away for a couple of hours. Something about the 12 year old and wanting fed...geesh. Taking my droid fishing today though, so I can still search from the sunny gulf of mexico!


Hey Enrico, does the serial number on your dogtag match the serial number on the Nara Enlistment record?

If so, then the Capt Pytel born 1915 that we are finding records on is most likely his son.

According to the Nara record, he was 54 years old at enlistment and "Enlistment for the Philippine Department".

Philippine Department was an organization of the Medical Corps. They were stationed in Manila in 1939.

His civilian occupation was "Skilled amusement, recreation, and motion picture occupations" which suggests a Signal Corps Assignment, he was probably a cameraman but at that age and being an officer he probably would have a Headquarters job. About 3 yrs after 1939 the Japs invaded the Phillpines ( ? early `42 ) and he would have out of there. How he ended up in Italy in `44 - `45 is anybody`s guess. in `45 he would have been 60 yrs old.


yes, the serial number of the dog-tags and the one of NARA, match, then the captain could be his son?

I always feel so incredibly full of life when I'm here :D

Finally, now I know what it was Philippine Department!

As for the Headquarters job, I was told that one of the houses in fornt of the hospital, was headquarters of the Germans first, and then of the Americans, then this is possible!

The only thing I wonder is why his dog-tag ended up in a garbage pit (pit of the era, not modern) in the middle of a near wood, along with many object of the camp, and not in the area of the headquarters...


Maybe it broke off.

Pytel is not a common name, and the adjuster for Alex, Alek, Alek G narrows it down by a huge margin.


I've sent several emails. I'm waiting for people to get off work and email back. One of them MUST be related.


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