Full Version: Help to find relatives of soldier Pytel
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As I wrote in another post, I have a dog-tag found in Pietramala (Florence), which I have not been able to find information.

But your team is really great, maybe you can help me out!

I found only the record of NARA

Any help is more than welcome, although I realize that this is a pretty desperate research! :pdt34:

I thought it might help if we posted his full name and serial number too.


Serial # 06999569





polish in the coal mine region....see what I can do

Thanks M1 :D I wanted to post one picture, but I have not had time, however, as soon as I have time I add it!

Thank you all!


He doesn't come up on the European Theater casualty list

nor the USArmy enlistment rolls

the death rolls


OR in US census


I did howevere find a GEORGE Pytel on the 1920's census, MIGHT be called by his middle name.


I'll keep looking.


39th FA Battalion

Stars and Stripes November 26th, 1953


Promotion list to Captain


RUT ROH George ! Interesting.... From Stars and Stripes Jan 3 1956

Late TV Tryst with Neighbor Not Infidelity

New Have, Conn, Han 2.


A married woman can sit in the dark with a man not her husband and watch the late, late television show without doing anything wrong.

Judge John Troland made that ruling in refusing the divorce petition of Arthur R Randall, Jr, 30.

Randall accused his wife, Marilyn, 25, of infidelity on the ground she sat on a couch with her next door neighbor and watched the late, late show.

Two private detectives testified they watched the apartment where Mrs. Randall lives with her two small children last June 21 and saw her go next door to the aprtment of Cap Alex (Alek) Pytel, an Amry instructor at Yale University.

The detectives said the lights went out before midnight and did not go on again until 1:50am. Expecting to find evidence for a divorce case, the detectives climbed a fire escape and peeked in Pytel's window.

They said they found Mrs Randall and Pytel sitting side by side on a couch watching television.


View Record Death Record


PreviewName: Alek Pytel

SSN: 207-09-8439

Last Residence: 91780 Temple City, Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Born: 28 Apr 1915

Last Benefit: 91780 Temple City, Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Died: Aug 1980

State (Year) SSN issued: Pennsylvania (Before 1951)


See more


Alek Pytel 28 Apr 1915 Aug 1980 Temple City, Los Angeles, California

Oh my God. I cannot believe this Caryl. Well I'll be damned. Proves you NEVER, NEVER know what the internet will dig up.


How scandalous, sitting side by side on the couch watching TV. Those rascals. :o:PB)

Forgot to add; YOU ROCK! :thewoman:

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