Seabees at Salerno!



Long after this struggle is over and every serviceman is home, the story of the heroic exploits of the Seabees shoulder to shoulder with the Rangers and Commandos at Salerno will be told at many a fireside throughout the country. And here's one that won't be overlooked. Shortly after the first landing. English Army Engineers were prevented from laying down a section of wire mesh roadway by heavy fire from a strongly entrenched German Maching gun nest. It couldn't stop a Seabee bulldozer, however from hauling several English trucks which had bogged down. The maching gun nest was finally cleared out, and Commandos were taking care of the Nazis, the trucks were rumbling their badly needed loads inland, thanks to Seabee resourcefulness and courage. Moving in on the exploding beaches together with the first wave of assault troops, and working under severe continuous maching gun, plane and shell fire, the battling builders piled vital supplies ashore, often completely unloading heavily packed LST's in less than an hour per ship. Picked Seabee platoons also unloaded roughly 10,000 vehicles at Salerno and earned high praise for excellent performance.


I think EVERYONE did their job, Some tougher than others but the jobs were done. WE,(Combat Inf.) kept

going all the way up Italy. And Yes we had some skirmishes. enough said by this OLD dogface of the 34th


Thurman. Glad to see you were able to post this. Sorry you had some problems again this week. Always great to see your wonderful Seabee additions to the site. Keep up the great work!


Go Seabees!



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But Some never get Recognition! That is why I post these!


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