Phony paratrooper to be feted by French

It amazes me that nobody took it upon him to do some research on this guy before.

Especially when he changed his story so much each time he told it.

It's a hit in the face for those who served (and didn't lie about it).

He might be a Veteran, but in my eyes he's a liar first.

Unfortunately, he is not the only case.


Believe you me, I'm having a hard time convincing some people there were more than just Rangers and Paratroopers.

And that The Bulge wasn't about Bastogne only.


Don't get me wrong, I have the highest respect for those Paratroopers ..... but I'm getting pretty tired (and upset) hearing about them all the time.

They were NO supermen, just plain Joes like any other soldier.

What about Glidermen, Engineers, Ordnance, Truck Companies, Armor, TD, Infantry (Ow yes, there were much more Infantry than the 1st ID or 29th ID in the war!), USAAF Pilots, Naval Beach Battalions, etc, etc.

All these men should deserve the credit they're entitled to.


And final rant (sorry) .... the Pacific War wasn't only one by Marines!



Erwin (off his soapbox)


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