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I will be at home in a couple of hours. I will post the message he wrote in my book. I will also have a look in the book he send to my brother. He wrote a different message in it.




This is the message he wrote in my book:


To Frank

A true Dutch patriot who is interested in the history of The Netherlands and WW2 and appreciates the sacrifice of WW2 veterans.

Jim Megellas "Maggie".


This is for my brother:


To Bart.

I am pleased to autograph my book for a Dutch patriot who is interested in history and WW2 and respects the American and Allied soldiers who fought to liberate Holland and Europe in WW2.

Jim Megellas "Maggie".


Very nice sentiments to write in your books!!!


Hello Marion,


Here we go.

The picture below is from Concentration Camp Wöbbelin near th city of Ludwigslust and was a sub camp of the Neuengamme concentration camp. The SS had evacuated from other camps to prevent their liberation from the allies. At ist height, Wobbelin held some 5.000 inmates, many of whom were suffering fom starvation and desease.


On may 2, 1945, the 8th infantry Division and the 82nd Airborne Division encountered Wobbelin. Living conditions in the camp they arrived were deplorable. There was little water or food and some prisoners had resorted to cannibalism. When the units arrived they found about a 1000 inmates dead in the camp. In the aftermath the US Army ordered the townspeople in Ludwigslust to visit th camp and bury the dead.


Megalles and his men where the first to enter.




Best regards




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