New 101st ABD Memorial in Bastogne

All ,


Yesterday the new memorial for the 101st ABD and ALL it’s attached units was inaugurated near the Mardasson in Bastogne .

In attendance of US Embassador Sam Fox and a 101st Airborne AirAssault Color Guard .

Lots of familiar faces and a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful sculpture .


Those who desire to receive a copy from the Mayor’s speech , drop me a mail at .







Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing this with us. I get a little misty eyed when I see that sixty plus years later, their deeds are still remembered.


There are several symbols integrated in the sculpture ....


Ofcourse there's the eagle , symbol of the 101st ABD .

Its wings are raised to refer to the dove of peace .

The helmet is turned over to remember all the blood that has been shed during the siege of Bastogne .

The head of the eagle is pointing at the helmet as of it wants to protect and help a trooper .

The sculpture stands for the power and tenacity of the US Army ...



The original rock that later became the sculpture comes from the Bastogne quarry , gravel pit , south of the Mardasson Memorial .




WOW that's a really impressive monument!

Yesterday, I was in the Ardennes .... if I had known I would have visited the Mardasson.





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