Memorial to the US 3rd Inf Div Licata.

This memorial stands in the town of Licata, Sicily, just inland of the shore line. It commemorates the landing of the 3rd Infantry Division, under the command of General Lucian Truscott on the 10th July 1943.

The second picture shows a DUKW, a shore to shore amphibious vehicle which made it's debut at Licata with Operation Husky. A number of new craft were also to play the first of many important roles in landing men and equipment:

(LST) landing ship tank; (LCT) landing craft tank; (LCI) landing craft infantry; and (LCVP) landing craft vehicle/personnel.





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I sure enjoy seeing things like this. I find it all very interesting and appreciate your efforts. Love when my members share the history. Keep it comin'!




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